Thursday, July 7, 2016

Wanted a boring day; not getting it

"I'd hate to see me" I told Ron "Without my pills." 

Last night I turned on the faucet to get my nightly glass of water, and only a trickle came out.  Admittedly, it was a clear, potable-looking trickle, but something was Clearly Wrong. 

I freaked out wondering if we had a broken pipe on our property.  Now, Ron's denial man.  When we were about to flood, total denial.  Last night, total denial until he turned on the faucet himself. 

"Oh, looks like we do have a problem, I'll call the water company."  An exhausted-sounding person informed Ron they had a water line break and they were working on it, couldn't give a timeline on a repair. 

I was glad I take my shower in the morning, and had already done all the laundry I could have managed.  I had a wet load in the dryer and a done load in the washer, plus some more on the floor. 

After that, I went to bed.  I slept pretty well but I had odd dreams about my grandmother (the nice one) and work, I think. 

When I got up I almost stepped on Biscuit's paw, which he extended under my foot as I was bringing it down.  We had a serious talk about that, with me reminding him he doesn't like the vet.  Actually, he purred at the vet.  Maybe he wants to say hi to Doc.  I don't know.  I just told him not to do it again.  I was glad I was alert enough to catch it before I put my weight down, I would have broken something for sure. 

Then the icemaker is frozen up again and spraying water all inside the back of the fridge/freezer.  The repairman told us it would ice up again if we had a "water valve" problem, which he doesn't fix.  Apparently we do have a water valve issue.  I rigged up the arm on the ice maker so it would stop trying to make ice. 

I did my God Time, then I got on Facebook.  It seems Lifeflight wants to feature our story.  "Memorial Hermann Life Flight Heather, thank you for sharing your husband's Life Flight experience with us. We would like to contact you about sharing your story further. "

So Ron can be a poster boy.  Now, before you scoff, I think it would be good for him, give him a reputation to live up to, and help him to appreciate the miracles that saved him.  I asked, he was interested, so I gave them his number. 

They can pluck a photo out of my album and use that, or have a professional take one if they want. 

It's a good thing I just trimmed his beard!  He looks a lot more respectable than he did yesterday this time. 

I assume they will look up his medical records to verify my claims. If anything, I didn't tell the whole story.  Ron had a VERY bad prognosis, assuming he even lived, but I kept saying "God's brought him this far, let's see what else God can do." 

At the end of it, we had a very good result.  Ron is living independently and contributing to society.  He even rescues cats. 

I'll put away my cheerleading outfit.  I have been Ron's biggest supporter since day 1.   Pretty much the only supporter, since day 1. 

I often wonder how he would have turned out if I had simply walked away.  We weren't legally married, I couldn't make any decisions for him, and his family did their best to exclude me anyway. 

I am pretty sure he would have ended up in a group home and adult day care.  God will show me one day. 

But people always do better when they know they are loved, and someone is pulling for them. 

Ron woke up and I talked to him about the Lifeflight thing.  Then we talked about the freezer. 

I told him, let's just get a plumber in here to redo the cut off so we can turn off water to the freezer.  Then we can use it, just without the icemaker, and we're only out the money for the plumber. 

The repairman was really clear we had to get a plumber out to fix the stuck cut off valve.  Ron said something about using his vice grips and the man replied "Not unless you want to flood your house". 

No, we don't want to flood the house.  I am certain FEMA and our flood insurance company would rather Ron not flood the house, either.  Ron balked at first, said we should get a new fridge, but I pointed out the old one works just fine except for the icemaker. 

He saw my point of view.  Besides, when would we buy it?  Today we have the plumber and tomorrow we have work - a very long day at that. 

[sigh]  And it isn't even noon yet. 

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh i am so happy for you! Do it! I will " like" the page! CONGRATULATIONS YOU AND RON! Yes do it for all of us!

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