Friday, July 8, 2016

Bleeding money

Long day today. 

Got up at 4 AM, had Biscuit in the bed.  Pretty hard to get up with I've got a Biscuit Cuddle. 

I managed, though, and gave him a can of food that he didn't eat.  He's getting picky, or they are changing their formula. 

He still likes his salmon in gravy (actually Gravy Lovers Salmon), so the question goes: do I donate the unwanted flavors to the shelter or save them in the hopes he might "switch back"?  I'm leaning towards donation, which means they will be getting a lot of canned food (a couple dozen cans). 

The Bible says not to talk about your good works but I am eager to go to the shelter with a couple of large bags of Kitten Chow (it is kitten season), and a couple of big bags of store brand generic cat food, maybe 1 or 2 name brands, some litter, etc... get our guy with a truck and make a delivery. 

They could use it.  This is the high-kill shelter.  I fault irresponsible people who don't spay and neuter, for that.  All my cats got neutered the second they could have the surgery. 

When I had a vacancy for a cat, I went to the high-kill shelter and got an older one no one else wanted.   She has been fantastic. 

If I can afford to help them out, I'd like to throw a little something their way.  A lot of people donate toys and such, but I doubt many consider litter. 

So, I got up, Biscuit didn't want his breakfast (Baby Girl, either).  I took my shower and did my God Time before I got on the computer. 

I dressed in one of my performance t-shirts, a padded (!) sport bra, capris, quarter crew ankle socks, and my steel toe sneakers.  Off to work. 

Well, the warehouse.  I discovered they didn't have any water.  Curse you, tornado.  It hit the Ozarka Bottling plant in Wood County, ripping the roof off during shift change.  They had a severe weather policy so everyone was OK.  Production, needless to say, has been screwed.  So have our sales. 

No water, so I got the other drinks, and a whole lot of snacks.  I knew the machines would look terrible after a 2 day absence.   (They did)

We went to work and I had the fun of unloading in feels-like-100 degrees (F). 

Now I had taken two days off (eaten up by repairmen and such) because I was basically ordered to do so by a custodian.  They were going to wax our entire area and it would take at least 3 days, we had to be gone for 2. 

We did that.  I managed to get them to "hold off" on waxing in front of the bottle vendor and coffee machine, until  Ron could get it. 

In the meantime I got to work on my snacks.  They needed a lot.  I got them done and helped Ron as much as possible. 

It was really noisy with the custodial equipment.  I was happy to get out of there.  They were just getting ready to apply the evil-smelling wax when we left. 

We had a ride home and I took a nap for an hour.  I woke up with Biscuit.  He won't come to bed with me, but he'll join me after I'm asleep.  Pretty sweet. 

I got up, did my God Time, and waited on the repairman.  He came and did his work in less than half an hour, walking off with $440. 

Even more horrifying, Ron said the A/C is making strange noises so he called a repairman to come out and service it.  They said, based on what Ron described, "It sounds like a bad blower motor". 

I shudder to think what that costs. 

I feel like we are bleeding money down a drain. 

On a positive note, my Kindle book settlement (there was a lawsuit) garnered me an $8.50 store credit.  I used it to buy some lint brushes and boy do they work on the cat hair.  I am seriously impressed. 

So, there's that. 

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