Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Almost late enough to go to bed

My back was bothering me today, I assume due to my contortions when sleeping with the cats last night.  It was more muscular, and the kinks worked their way out eventually. 

The cats always want to sleep dead center of the bed. That's not always convenient for me. 

Anyway, I got up, took my shower, and went to work.  I took my last dose of medication out of the pill organizer, which meant I had to do up all my medication and supplements later. 

It was a pretty average day at work.  Our driver can't help us the next 2 days, so we were pretty screwed.  We need inventory to stock! 

As it turns out, the custodial crew are planning to wax/polish the floor in the cafeteria, near our area, for the next two days.  Pretty odd to basically be told to stay home. 

OK, we'll do it.  I do know the other vendors are planning to work tomorrow so that could get complicated.  I stocked everything I could today, helped Ron, etc. 

It's also better to pick our battles. We can't get inventory anyway. 

Finished, we went home. 

I took a nap for a couple hours and woke up with Biscuit (!) spooning me.  What a sweet boy.  I got up because our handyman was due to come around 3.  That didn't happen. 

I did my God Time and Ron wanted to talk.  He wanted to plan outings.  I told him I didn't feel up to it, being depressed.  He complained my "medication wasn't working" and threatened to call my doctor. 

I told him he verbally assaulted me all night, Thursday night.  He wanted to know what he said, I gave him a general idea.  He said I should have recorded him.  I said that wasn't my job and that just got into game playing. 

I was more calm and resigned.  If I had gotten shriek-y he would have disregarded everything I said and disrespected me further. 

I got a monologue on how he "needs" the alcohol to "tune out" and how much he hates it, is trying to manage it, doesn't know what else he can do (Go to AA!  Get counseling!  I didn't say any of this).  I got more on how he is "only" doing "one and a half" (mouthfuls, and how does one measure half a mouthful?), etc. 

I told him drinking hurting him is one thing.  Drinking hurting me and keeping me up all night is another. 

I mentioned, for instance, how he kept waking up periodically and screaming at me to let him sleep.  While I was lying in my bed, quiet and innocently trying to sleep.  That seemed to ring a bell for him. 

Then I got the he loves me so much more than anything in the world, he needs me to run the business and have the cats (It would be nice to hear "I need you in my life because you make everything better" - otherwise it sounded more like a job description). 

I listened to him with an odd combination of "Yeah-yeah" and "I know you really mean it".  Eventually we wrapped it up. 

By this time, we realized the repairman wasn't coming.  He has some finishing work to do on the gate and door. 

I cleaned the litter box and fridge, then took the garbage out.  We have 5 things, just at our limit.

We got pizza. 

I swept the front part of the garage, I don't think Greg is done working but it at least looks better, and we won't track anything in. 

I'm tired, and it's almost late enough to go to bed.  Praise God. 

Now a really awesome day would start tomorrow with no headache.   We'll see. 

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