Saturday, July 16, 2016

Squeaky mouse could be anywhere

We had today off but I still got up pretty early. 

We were going to Walmart.  Ron said he didn't want to try going in the kiddie cart so I left him up front while I shopped. 

I forgot the tampons.  I should have enough, anyway.  I checked, yeah, should be OK. 

Worst case I still want to do a Walmart run, buy some of those huge bags of cat food, and take them to the animal shelter anyway.  I can certainly pick up a box of tampons while I'm there. 

Ron waited up front while I got out stuff (except the tampons).  I got a lot of dairy products, some deodorant on sale (I love the fragrance and I believe it is on clearance), the q-tips I forgot last time (boy was I happy to clean my ears when I got home), and various "Ron" snacks. 

I am trying to get him to eat more protein. 

Yes, he very well could have hurt his back when he fell during the blackout.  He fell a lot, couldn't stand up, kept crawling and falling and it was awful.  The timing is about right, too. 

At any rate, he was about as stiff as I've seen him in years, since he moved that vending machine back in 2013.  He is not using the wheelchair in the house but everything else is pretty similar. 

I am awaiting the MRI results with a combination of curiosity and dread.  I honestly believe he will need to have surgery, which will make life all around pretty difficult for us.  Who will take care of him while I'm filling the vending machines?  Good question. 

We'll see.  I am also curious to see the blood test results.  Hopefully he will take the results seriously if they show any problem with his liver. 

Doc said he could get Ron a sedating antidepressant if desired, but drinking would be a bad idea.  If Ron "can't" drink maybe he will be more willing to try it. 

I don't know.  I have a million anxieties all fighting to be heard, and I'm trying to just make them all shut up. 

The cats are good.  Baby Girl keeps sleeping in my TV chair, I have to keep moving her to sit.  She is so sweet I hate to do it but she would never get in my lap.  Torbie is sleeping with Ron right now, he will put his hand on her while he sleeps, like a little kid with a teddy bear.  Biscuit, I believe, is either on the back of the couch or out in the catio watching birds. 

He found a squeaky mouse today and had a lot of fun chasing it all around the house.  I'm not sure where it ended up but it's been very quiet of late.  My house is a mess, so squeaky mouse could be anywhere. 

We came home, I put my stuff away, and I took a nap for a little while.  I got up and did my God Time. 

We went to Arby's, well, we tried.  We got picked up by a conspiracy theorist guy who kept talking about Freemasons and such.  We went to an apartment complex. 

We went in the complex.  We waited for ages on the customer.  They finally called the customer and she said she was waiting by the exit gate.  Fine.  We went to get her. 

The driver gets out of the vehicle and the client's very frail, on oxygen and a walker.  Driver is worried about her walking around the vehicle and asks Ron to move.  I told him I would.  And I did. 

He gets out and talks to her for a few minutes, then walks her back to her apartment.  Apparently she decided it was too hot to go run her errand.  It's 4 PM, in July, in Houston.  Did she think she would need a sweater?  And why was she wearing long sleeves and slacks?  In Houston, in July?  Of course it's hot, it's Houston!

By the time the driver got it all sorted out, and "permission" to take us to our destination, it took literally an hour for us to go 10 minutes from the house.  I am glad she received a "bad mark" for cancelling her trip at the last minute (and probably her pickup to go home, too); annoyed we also got a "bad mark" because Ron had to reschedule our pickup.  It wasn't our fault!  They got us there an hour late! 

We finally got to Arby's and ate our meal.  The place is always dead when we visit.  I don't know how they stay in business.  Maybe late night traffic. 

We didn't have to wait too long on our ride home, and we were straight, so that was good.  I took my medication and laid down for a little bit, then called my Dad. 

They had "the grandson" (the child of my abuser) visiting.  Mom flew back with him to his hometown and stayed a few days to "visit".  Dad is at home alone right now, but he does fine on his own.  She will be coming back in a few days.  I gave Dad a rough outline, minus cat activities. 

Ron's up and seems to be moving OK.  I already did the litter boxes but I need to top them off with more litter. 

That's the only bad side to inside cats.  I'm sure our neighbors are very happy the cats aren't "using" their yards and gardens anymore (even though cats always cover it up). 

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