Sunday, July 24, 2016

I'm just so tired.

Ron's MRI is scheduled for Tuesday.  It should be interesting.  He has plenty of hardware in his body so it will all be a very interesting photo. 

Artery graft
Clot filter
Hernia mesh
Hardware in right tibia (big bone in lower leg) holding his bone together

All of it should be fine but it will be an interesting amount of paperwork.  I have no idea what the copay will cost us. 

Not surprisingly, I've had a lot of depression and anxiety today.  Mainly general worries about just about everything. 

I slept OK last night, and got a nap today (no thanks to slamming doors, next door).  I'm as rested as I can be.  I even tried to get "another" nap a little while ago but the anxiety was too bad. 

Maybe I need to double check my pill organizer.  I just checked.  Nope, everything's fine.  I didn't put Vitamin E in one weeks' worth of pills, but I fixed that, and took a couple while I was at it. 

I forget I have a lot on my plate.  He's an alcoholic.  He is disabled.  He has new, additional, issues.  He is in chronic pain.  We work together running a small business.  I have my own problems. 

It's understandable.  But still overwhelming. 

And people are all asking me, "When's your next Bible Handout?" and "How's it going?" - not really wanting to hear the answer.  So I tell them what they want to hear "I don't know" to the Handout, and "Fine" to the "going". 

I got to thinking about something.  A lot of those "fun quizzes" on Facebook are actually designed to get your security information.  Mother's maiden name, date of birth, hometown, etc.  First pet's name, first type of car driven, first street address, etc.  Don't take them. 

I don't. 

I dislike being tagged to "play" in games, either.  If I want to play I will join in. 

Well, I'm getting a little tired now and winding down.  Apparently the Vitamin E does help somehow. 

I'm just so tired. 


Anonymous said...

I think the heat zaps our energy too.
Apart from HIM we can do nothing.
No use worrying about what we can not control.
Every time you are tempted to worry remember its "temptation" and if the wicked one could rattle your faith he would consider that a victory.

Anonymous said...

Heather do you still have a "go fund me" if so would you post the link? I htought I had bookmarked it but guess not OOOXXX

Heather Knits said...

The Gofund me is in the sidebar, under "interesting links". Should work. Yeah, it does.

I'm too stubborn to quit, even when it feels like I'm crawling over broken glass.

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