Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lazy and boring

I was lazy and boring today. 

About the only thing of interest, Ron has had me checking his blood sugars.  So we found out it went to over 180 after eating fried rice and a skillet meal from Denny's.  We also found out it apparently isn't affected by alcohol (?).  I checked him before and after vodka (about half an hour after the vodka) and the numbers were about the same or a little lower. 

I have plenty of test strips and always happy to stick him.  My hands shook a couple times but I got the readings every time.  His sugars are still a little high after eating, clearly, but the fasting sugars are in the 80's which is good. 

He's more a starting type 2.  We will see what Doc (almost typed that as God) says when we see him to review Ron's test results. 

Ron requires a deeper stick (almost at the deepest setting), and a wider lancet (the mean kind).  He doesn't bleed otherwise.  He has more meat on his fingers than I do.  I have longer, slender, fingers, a legacy from my piano-playing mother.  I can use a very thin lancet at a light setting and get a good blood drop. 

I am a big fan of  She has all kinds of information. 

My sugars run a little high fasting but my AIC was 5.3, an excellent reading.  I don't worry about it. 

I did weigh myself today and I was about 235.  I need to focus on getting below 200 at least.  I feel like I am carrying an apron of fat on my abdomen. 

Not much fun during the summer, let me tell you. 

In between blood sugar readings, I did my God Time and watched some Supernatural (where Dean goes to hell, and is released).  That's when they introduced the Castiel character.  Fans liked "Cass" so much they kept him and here he is several years later. 

Of course Supernatural theology is all out of whack, but it's entertaining.  I haven't received any conviction over watching the show so I don't worry about it. 

Then I took a nap.  Why?  Because I have to get up at 2 AM tomorrow.  We have a soda delivery coming.  At least I have a good hand cart to transport the soda, now. 

In addition to getting the delivery, I will have to do all my usual work and help Ron.  I believe Ron may want to sort some change too.  The bill changer eats a lot of quarters. 

I may take my shower tonight and save the trouble tomorrow morning.  I'm still debating about that.  I will be groggy, depressed, and exhausted.  I am slightly less so, at present. 

Especially when I have to shave my legs.  I really hate shaving my legs at 2 in the morning. 

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