Monday, August 1, 2016

An interesting week

A busy day. 

On Friday or Saturday (I forget, I think Saturday), Ron called Doc begging for relief. 

Today a surgeon called us.  [gulp]  Ron made an appointment for Thursday. 

OK, I am totally freaked about this.  I was up half the night wondering how I can take care of Ron and run the business.  Someone told me he might "go to rehab" after his surgery and Medicare would pay for it (?).  I think, more likely, in this day and age, Ron will come home after a few days in the hospital and it will be me, me, me, me, me.  (Sing the scales in your head as you read that)

HOW?!?  I have no idea. 

God will have to carry that one. 

First, though, we have to meet with Doc and see what all would have to be done.  I am pretty sure Ron will need Laminectomies (4) and probably something done to his "advanced degenerative disc disease".  That sounds pretty extensive.  We're not talking about one junction, but four. 

I am probably as worried about this as I was his first heart operation. 

That's another thing, I will need to do up a medical history for him.  [blows out air]  That will take a while. 

Good thing I have tomorrow off. 

So, today.  I didn't sleep well last night for worrying.  The Bible tells me not to worry but I do. 

We went to work, things were pretty standard.  I got almost everything well stocked.  I was busy helping Ron (trying to limit his lifting, etc.), which Ron really appreciated.  I think that was worth it in the big scheme. 

One thing I've learned at work, I can't always do everything, so I have to prioritize and go off that. 

We left work and the ride was waiting for us.  Nice.  We went to the bank.  Ron had a $100 jar of nickels that was driving him nuts.  He finally got rid of it today. 

We, however, had to wait over an hour for our pickup.  A lot of disabled people get their checks on the first (the seniors, I think).  So we saw every disabled senior in North Houston coming into the bank and leaving again.  Our ride finally came and we went home. 

I took a nap.  While I was asleep the surgeon called Ron's cell phone.  That's quick, and I have never heard of a referral doctor contacting a patient.  He's in the Woodlands so we will have to arrange a ride, which Ron did. 

I suppose that means we will have to arrange a ride for the operation, and the ride home, etc.  I will need to talk to my aunt.  I'm sure she will help if she can. 

She may want to "do lunch" with my cousin who lives not far from there.  We'll see. 

I keep circling around again to Ron's possible operation. 

I woke up with a headache.  I had been looking out the window, at the bank, for over an hour.  There was a very bright glare.  My aunt swears that will trigger a migraine. 

I woke up with a very nasty, pervasive, headache.  I'm not calling it a migraine but even the Excedrin isn't quashing it.  I started some laundry for Ron (he needs more pants, he only has 4 pair), and need to clean the litterboxes. 

Speaking of cats, someone caught a lizard in the catio and brought it home to Ron, leaving it on the condo.  It was a pretty big one, too.  I would feel bad for it, if we didn't have a million lizards around here. 

I have an organic yard, no chemicals, and they seem to appreciate it. 

Torbie slept with me during my nap which I appreciated.  She's a good girl.  Baby Girl is hogging my chair and Biscuit's running around somewhere. 

This is going to be an interesting week. 

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Anonymous said...

send him to rehab that would be great he will hate it I am sure but they will take good care of him (you can spy and check in) let them know your limitations and ask for a social worker for the time being maybe? Heather there is help and if you need it you have earned it! Lord knows you have worked your ass off. I had breast cancer two years ago and my husband had a massive depression and it felt like he bailed on me. So I have made a deal with him. I will let my doctors and everyone know if and when something happens again he isn incappable of caring for me and we need help. He adores me this has nothing to do with love but like you he has to work to pay our bills and has a mood disorder he can not predict what stress will put him down. He needs and thank goodness understands that he can not do it all alone. Ask for help do not hesitate you have done so much. Hopefully any surgical intervention will be mild but....we all know. Keep posting we do care! How you work through this could help someone else some day in the same postion so thank you so much for doing this blog. Also your church let them know too right? that is why churches are what they are a community of people who are there to help other like minded folks with the same faith. stock up on food and things you need now make your life easier plan ahead do all the things you know you need when you need them and have them easy to get to ..YOU DO YOU!!! right? if you are able one thing I do is try to "step outside my head" and pretend I am advising a friend who has the same problem I am having what would I say ..then write it down. Good luck with this you have survived far worse and taken such good care of this man! If he goes to rehab he will not be able to drink you know and after surgery he can "detox" while he is on pain meds and under nursing care..just saying that could be a private silver lining for you to think about . a sober moment with less pain will give him a chance to break free of the demon in that bottle OOOXXX

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