Thursday, July 14, 2016

A trip to the doctor.

So, what happened at the doctor? 

We had a good trip there and stopped at the Starbucks in the parking lot for a treat before entering the building. 

Ron had to "complete" a dementia/depression assessment.  He lied and said he was happy most of the time. 

We waited.  For once, I didn't hear a million sick people hacking moistly in the background.  If you have to get sick, mid-July seems to be a good time. 

We brought the wheelchair.  Ron got progressively more painful as the day wore on, which makes me think this is his back. 

They took us back, weighed him (152), blood pressure (122/70), and put us in a room.  A medical assistant came in and asked for the medical history.  I laughed as I gave it, it's pretty long.  Ron kept chipping in and "reminding" me of things I'd forgotten. 

Doc came in and examined Ron.  Not sure if it is a blood clot because it's both legs, but no back pain so maybe a nerve issue with the back?  Ron will need an MRI and ultrasound to determine. 

I was impressed.  Ron specifically told the doctor he is "drinking to tune out everyday" and "would like something to help him sleep".  Doc suggested an antidepressant. 

I talked to Ron later and he said he will not drink while taking the antidepressant, "Just don't take away my crutch without giving me another one".   He will talk to doc about the antidepressant during the follow up. 

I am impressed.  I just sat there with my mouth shut and let Ron do the talking. 

Ron asked the doctor to run blood tests (that will be very interesting to see the liver result), so Doc wrote orders for that. 

Ron told me today he didn't understand that the liver can only regenerate "so much".  He thought it just kept repairing itself indefinitely.  I am glad he is thinking about that. 

After we scheduled the MRI, they took us to the blood lab.  A very young woman drew Ron's blood.  I suggested she try the left arm but told her to look for herself (the right arm's veins are destroyed from the accident and subsequent hospitalization).   Ron didn't even know she had stuck him.  They took about 8 vials of blood. 

When we finished, Ron called the paratransit company, but the "system was down".  They couldn't transport anyone. 

Great.  Here we are, probably 10 miles from home...

We called our driver.  Nothing.  Ron sent him a text.  Nothing. 
We called a couple of cab drivers.  Nothing. 
We called Yellow.  Ron offered a $10 tip if they came fast. 

We had a ride within 10 minutes.  The driver and I folded up the wheelchair and put it in the back of the vehicle, once Ron had transferred.  The driver had had us before and was delighted when Ron gave him the $10 up front. 

Of course Ron paid the fare when we got home, but that bonus really made his day. 

Most importantly, we got his phone number so we can call him again. 

I came home and ate a slice of pizza, taking ALL my pills at once.  I had not been able to take them earlier due to the severe headache.  I laid down. 

I woke with another severe headache.  Apparently my body doesn't like pizza anymore.  I tried aspirin but that doesn't touch it.  I will have to wait until I can take some headache pills, which will mess up my sleep cycle, or try to sleep with the headache. 

And I have a long day tomorrow.  Oh, well. 

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Anonymous said...

Heather he told the doctor! what a relief that must have been for you ...I am so happy to hear this tonight steps
wow he talked about the drinking! so very many huge hugs sent


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