Friday, July 15, 2016

He's working me to death!

I drank a cold diet soda when I woke up last night.  Oftentimes, it really helps with a headache. 

I couldn't take any painkillers for 2 hours but I could have a diet soda.  It helped a lot, I went back to bed, and got about 4 hours of sleep. 

2 AM came far too early this morning.  I hit the snooze alarm a couple times, cuddles with Biscuit, who had been in the bed most of the night. 

I finally dragged myself out of bed, gave Biscuit his can of food, and took my shower.  I got dressed in a performance t-shirt, comfortable underwear, knit shorts, and my steel toed sneakers.  Ooh.  I'm a fashion blog now. 

We got picked up on time.  Ron had a hell of a time getting out of the house.  He's walking hunched over and groaning in pain.  And he wonders why I took him to the doctor. 

It was the large white van, which has 3-4 steps to get into the vehicle, if you're not riding in a wheelchair.  He had a heck of a time getting into the vehicle. 

There was a blind guy already in the vehicle.  He was listening to music, jerking, spasming, waving his hands around, and jumping in his seat.  I guess no one ever taught him to sit quietly and listen to your music.  Then he started "singing" if you can call it that.  He was only blind, he didn't have "a cognitive" (problem).  He had a very expensive Iphone - a lot of blind people do, but if you want a talking phone you can just buy an LG 450 like Ron got, for $70. 

I'm annoyed because someone like that makes Ron look bad.  People think every blind person = weird.  Now, admittedly, Ron lectures every driver he can about the mark of the beast so maybe I should shut up. 

We got to work.  Ron hobbled down the hall to our area and collapsed into his wheelchair (we store a wheelchair, at work).  We got to work.  I had very little inventory so I did what I could (not much!), helped Ron when I could, and waited on Dr Pepper. 

They came around 7:30.  The driver was delighted with my "new" handcart.  It was so much easier to load the soda and transport it into our area.  The driver unloaded the cart while I made him a lunch.  We paid and got our receipt. 

He left. 

We left pretty soon after and went to the warehouse.  I got $600 worth of inventory, candy, snacks, you name it.  Except water, which they didn't have.  I put the chocolate in the truck, in Ron's lap. 

We went back to work.  My carts were pretty empty so I got them out quickly.  The other vendors were getting their second delivery of the day. 

I loaded up the carts, brought them in the building, got a very stiff Ron into the building, and got to work.  Ron ran change - putting it through the coin sorter, and sorting quarters, nickels, and dimes into separate jars.  It's important to transport the change in a jar with a screw on lid, because accidents happen and it's no fun picking up 300 quarters off the floor. 

I finished and told Ron I was done.  He wanted to keep sorting change.  I reminded him, bad headache yesterday morning, bad headache last night, very little sleep, I got up at 2 am, got the soda, did "Truck day", could we please go home soon?  He finally agreed, grumbling, but I think his back/legs were bothering him. 

We called and "took our ride off of hold".  Ron had suspended our 8:30 pickup when Dr Pepper ran late.  He asked them to come and get us, they said sure. 

In an hour. 

Not bad considering, especially considering the neighborhood, but a long wait nonetheless.  At least we had some chairs in the air conditioning, it was bright and oppressively hot. 

We made a raid on the other vendor's machines and a pit stop at ours (well, I did) and got some snacks.  We ate and Ron drank a ginger ale while we waited.  For an hour.  To go home. 

Finally pickup time, or thereabouts.  We went out and waited a few minutes while Ron hunched over in pain.  And, there's our ride. 

Ron took a minute getting into the minivan.  I'm glad he's getting an MRI pretty soon. 

We went home, I ate, took my pills, and went to bed.  I slept for hours, having dreams about being thirsty.  I woke up thirsty and drank all the water out of my bedside water bottle. 

Then I got up.  Biscuit had slept with me, apparently after throwing up in Ron's bedroom.  I stepped in the puke.  Yuck. 

I cleaned it up.  I got online for a while. 

Now I plan to go back to bed. 


Anonymous said...

I made the connection a few years ago between diet soda and bad dreams.
When I need carbonation I find lemon or lime Perrier is perfect.
Could diet soda be contributing to your headaches?

Anonymous said...

Think its possible Ron could have hurt his back on one of his late night falls?

Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

I hope whatever is causing him the pain he is in is easily correctable ..sometimes it is. sorry about the puke! YUK! LOL I Have cleaned a lot of puke in my day that is for sure I found spraying water up in the air a good remedy for the smell ..I think i told you that before ?

Heather Knits said...

It's entirely possible diet sodas/aspartame use are doing "bad things" for me.

At some future point I will try going off them again. I did get off the aspartame for a while, onto splenda, but I hear horrible things about splenda now.

I drink about 2-3 gallons total a day. I try to make a significant part of that water.

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