Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Yogurt + mood stabilizers

It was a long day. 

I didn't sleep well. 

I got up around 8 with a headache and took some Excedrin.  I laid back down for a while with Biscuit and waited for the medication to work.  Once it did, I got up. 

I did my God Time and took my shower, then I got on the computer for a while.  I am looking for good poly performance t-shirts because Houston is hellish 80% of the time.  I'm not sure I found what I want. 

The brand/style I wanted are completely sold out, or unavailable, in my size.  Frustrating.  I will have to go to another brand. 

About 1, we got picked up and went to work.  We met our driver.  I got the folding mag-liner
and put it in the truck.  You can google "mag liner image", it won't let me put one up. 

It was fun getting it in the truck but I did it, and we left.  We got lost on our way to the place but we found it, eventually. 

I took the cart out of the truck and someone was already holding the door open.  Two attentive people asked me what I needed.  I explained.  The first person (a man) took the cart away.  I heard some power tools being used as I waited.  I chatted with the sales rep for a few minutes and looked at the XL model.  Boy, it was nice.  I gave the sales clerk our information. 

About that time, the man brought out my mag liner!  I have had ongoing issues with a bad wheel, also, the latch was bad and it kept "attacking" me everytime I tried to fold it up.  It looked glorious with the new wheels and latch.  I squealed with joy and made happy squeaks as they laughed at me. 

I paid (of course!) and we left.  The man put it in the truck for me.  Great customer service! 

[Later on, I sent an email to our "rep" with the state blind vendor program, recommending these guys, and I also gave them a five star review on Google.]

We got to work and I took the cart out.  It stayed closed, not attacking me as I moved it.  Nice.  It rolled so nice!  Still does!  Glad, glad, glad, we did that. 

Then we went in and stocked, of course.  That took a while and we came home. 

My headache is back.  If I can get rid of it I will get some pizza but that is dubious right now.  I may just do yogurt + mood stabilizers for dinner. 

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Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

I need a yogurt and a mood stablizer to avoid looking a cracken today!


I got up around 8 and took my shower, did my God Time.  Ron only interrupted me once.  He didn't know I was "doing it".  He al...