Friday, July 1, 2016

Navy, maybe

I got a good nap, I even woke up before the alarm. 

Ron wanted to go out to dinner, and God knows I felt I deserved a treat, so he called our driver and we went. 

I got a little queasy afterward, but some mint ice cream fixed me right up (I had it at home already).  The cats are good, I'm doing laundry, he is quiet and not drinking. 

He ate a big meal (another reason I went out with him) so he won't drink after that.  He likes to starve himself all day and then drink on an empty stomach. 

We have tomorrow off, that should be interesting. 

I just hope it will be boring. 

When I got up this morning I used one of my new bars of soap, which I like very much.  It was only about $3, too.  I will get a lot of use out of it for that $3. 

Last night I decided my cotton/poly sheets are miserably uncomfortable, and I will be looking to buy some quality cotton sheets instead.  I don't care about designers, I just want something in navy, maybe, 100% cotton and a decent thread count. 

I miss the old Wamsutta sheets we used to sell at a linen shop.  I worked there for about a year, but it's out of business now. 

The internet put most linen shops out of business. 

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Anonymous said...

I moved into my own bedroom
and have never slept better
husbands and wives can visit but f you need sleep you need sleep!

good sheets are worth it, I saved up and got the really high thread count of 100% cotton ..and not the textured crap I hate that smooth old school sheets ..they were pricey but you know they last for years!

I got them off amazon I think or overstock but either way my own room and new sheets I feel like a princess I tell you!

now I need the perfect pillow! the little things are so nice arent they ...he is pissed I am downstairs sleeping but I live with him the other half of my life I am done loosing sleep

like you say it is one of the single most important things we can do to keep ourselves well !

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