Tuesday, July 12, 2016

$20 Handout

With the political climate the way it is, I was a little worried about going to Acres Homes today.
Turns out I should have been more worried about my ride home.
I decided to call a cab, as Ron didn't want to go. He arrived promptly, was very nice and helpful, but not overly so (let me put the cart away myself). He was very quiet but nice, and the ride was only $20, a bargain, I thought, considering one of my tie-downs had snapped on my hand cart and smacked me in the hand.
It was very slow. I picked, I think, a bad time of day. Had I gone after dinner I think things would have been much more lively. However, I did distribute a little over 50 Bibles in about an hour and fifteen minutes.
I did mostly singles, ladies with gold teeth for a while. Then a few men who clearly lived in the neighborhood, interested. I was delighted to distribute to them.
"I want to pour a little Jesus on things" I told one recipient, a white lady in a fast-food uniform (she wanted 3). She agreed, said things were getting really bad, and I reminded her Jesus was coming back for us soon.
I had a couple of passers-by, including a young woman in scrubs, who took Bibles. One lady stopped going the wrong way, walked back, and got a few Bibles. Another Spanish lady wanted an English Bible for her son, so I gave her one of each, so they can talk.
One car going the other way stopped dead, almost causing a pileup, and the car behind started honking. I had gotten the first car by that point so I grinned and held up my sign. She waved me over!
I got some couples, clearly from the neighborhood, and was thrilled with them. One older couple, him overtly disabled, sat on the bus stop and watched me like a theater. It was a little disconcerting.
The Friendly mart changed it's name and the usual crowd wasn't hanging outside it anymore. So it was probably one of the safer handouts I've done.
When I finished, I got some Pupusas and called a (different) cab, who jerked me around playing games for an hour, before I said forget it and took the bus.
I was home in 20 minutes.  Please pray for the recipients! 

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Anonymous said...

you are amazing dear girl! truly amazing and it sounds like you needed this fun day out with a mission
many hugs no one (I know) does this with a purer heart that is for sure! much love to you

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