Thursday, July 21, 2016


Well, I have to give Ron is props.  On his own, without any prompting, he apologized for being cranky yesterday, and having the last blackout. 

He's still hunched over and moaning.  That's pretty awful to watch.  I do have to respect the fact that he refuses narcotics.  He is, oddly enough, worried about addiction. 

So I have to watch him suffer.  Not fun, even when he is being nice. 

I slept late, until 9, and I managed to throw out my shoulder my rolling on it today.  I'm pretty stiff but I can work when I need to do so. 

The cats are good, but Torbie fought me on her steroid pill tonight and clawed my hand.  Not badly, more puncture wounds.  I washed it pretty well so I should be fine.  I had Ron help hold her down on the third attempt, which worked. 

I had a horrible cyst on my leg.  It's finally resolving on it's own without intervention.  I think the Vitamin C capsules really helped. 

The weather has been hot and miserable, my diet awful, my caffeine intake moderate.  We had a driver today who said we had a "sick" sense of humor (for the non-American readers, that's a compliment), and wished he could ride with us every day.  I liked him.  I hope he makes it. 

Biscuit just came and loved on my leg.  He's a sweet boy. 

Oh, and I did my God time and all the usual stuff in a timely manner today.  I even filled out the forms for the MRI.  They want a surprising amount of information.  Some of it I had to ask Ron about, but it's all done now. 

I just need to throw him in the tub and scrub him down "real good" before we do it.  I haven't told him yet about the leg ultrasound which is going to be horrible for him.  But we need to see if it's a blood clot causing the trouble. 

I almost wish it were, that would be an easy fix. 

I have a bad feeling Ron will require a back operation. 


Anonymous said...

My DH has scoliosis.
One morning he couldnt even stand straight but had an obvious sideways lean.
We had a dilemma to go to a dr or try a chiropractor.
Im not fond of drs and for the back all they will do is surgery or medication. So, we called a chiropractor and he walked out of the office standing upright!

Heather Knits said...

The last chiro we took him to took one look at the x-ray and refused to touch him. Apparently the bone spurs are bad news.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh 😳

Spankadoo Hardcastle said...


Heather Knits said...

They're not at epidural yet but I'm tempted.

He must have fallen "the right way" during the last blackout. The pain is about the same but the "zaps" have stopped for now.

I suspect, if he has a back issue, they will start him on steroids. The hand doctor did that with Ron when his wrist got really bad. The hand surgeon does not want to operate on a medicare patient's only good hand if he can avoid it, so he did a course of steroids for Ron some years back. It helped a lot.

Hopefully a course of steroids every now and then. Worst case back surgery but that would be hell for me trying to run the business AND take care of him too.

Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

My husband had 3 epidurals and screamed " THESE ARE NOTHING BUT CRAP!" I forced him ( as much as you can force a grumpy stubborn ass ( i say this with love for him but he sure can be an ass) the third one did it. Two days after he was smiling and the pain was gone. But you need a very skilled anesthesiologist who hopefully specializes in back pain . Keep us posted?

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