Thursday, July 7, 2016

"I may have a blackout tonight"

Well, after waiting around all day the guy showed up at 6:30.

In the meantime, our handyman came out and fixed the door to the garage, and we finished and filed the monthly report.   

You may not know about this, but I have a hard time making eye contact.  Part of my childhood, I guess, unless I am manic.  When I'm depressed I tend to talk to people's knees. 

Anyway, I looked him in the face, greeted him, showed him the patient.  Then I got the bad news that it would cost $440 to replace our cutoff valve.  They have to bash open the drywall and install the box, work on the copper pipes, etc. 

Ron was horrified.  I told him, look, I'll pay for it, but this has to be done or we will/could have a flooded house.  You never want a faucet frozen in the "on" position. 

I got a speech from the plumber about hard water and how they can install something on top of the water heater, but I wasn't interested.  We will be spending enough on the repair as it is. 

Ron blew a gasket.  At first it looked like the plumber could come out first thing tomorrow and fix it, but we have to work.  Then I realized, I have to work, Ron doesn't.  I could do everything that needs to happen on my own while Ron works with the plumber.  Ron wasn't happy about it. 

The plumber must have overheard us talking because he said he could come around 2 tomorrow.  That'll work. 

We don't know how long it will take with stocking and all. 

It's a shame, I was hoping to have my mag-liner (folding cart) modified tomorrow and fitted with solid rubber wheels instead of the pneumatic ones.  Not going to happen now. 

If it were up to me, I would never get a fridge with an icemaker, again.  It is too much trouble and not worth the bother.  We never even "got" this fridge, it came with the house.  Probably because they couldn't turn off the cutoff to take it with them! 


So much drama lately.  I know God allows trials to make, and keep, us strong, but at the rate things are going I will have a nervous breakdown, yet be too poor to get admitted to the hospital. 

Ron saw, or read, some documentary about women's hormones and now he keeps going on with this superior attitude "Oh, you have it so terrible, let me tell you.  Here, let me play my book for you." 

1.  I already live it.  I don't need to hear about it. 
2.  I don't much care for his attitude.  It's not sympathetic so much as it is smug and condescending. 

It's not like I can fix it anyway.  The last thing I'm going to do is throw hormone replacements into a bipolar brain.  Plus, they can increase the risk of stroke. 

Years ago, I met a woman completely paralyzed on one side.  She had been taking birth control for a few months and had a massive stroke.  If I wasn't already leery of synthetic hormones that would have done it. 

And yes, I know you can "do natural" but I am already taking EIGHT pills a day.  I am done with supplementing. 

Anyway, after the plumber left Ron went for the vodka bottle and kept talking about how he could just use his vice grips and "fix" the frozen cutoff, he should try.  I reminded him that both the plumber and the fridge repairman said that would be a very bad idea.  He kept saying he ought to try anyway. 

I think he sees it as a manhood issue, if he were "man" enough, he could, but because he can't, they're going to "rape" him. 

Then he told me he was sorry if he had a blackout, but he wanted some extra vodka.  I asked him to give me the tools he would use to try to "fix" the cut off valve.  He balked at first but then agreed that would be a good idea.  So he gave them to me.  Good.  He will never find them where I put them. 

Then I find out I have to get up at 4 AM.  I have to go to bed when I'm still wound up from adrenaline. 

What a day. 

I want boring.  I want a totally dull day where I sit in front of the TV with a cat in my lap watching Supernatural, and then superhero movies.  That's what I want. 

I don't think I'll be getting it any time soon. 

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