Sunday, July 3, 2016

I had another nice nap with Biscuit today. 

 I try to focus on the positive.  Yes, Ron complained through the whole trip to Walmart, refused yet again to go to church, and lost the battery cover for his cell phone.  He keeps asking me if I "hid" it.  No. 

He went hunting under the fridge and found an insulin syringe.  Happily it did not have a needle on it.   But, ew. 

Ron never did find the cell phone battery cover.  It is doubtful they still make the cell phone.  He does have a backup so he can use that but he is pretty angry at himself. 

I was pretty angry at Ron: he made a big production out of telling me he would only have "one sip" (5 ounces, three servings) of vodka a night instead of "Two sips" (5 servings, or 10 ounces).  He made a big production out of asking me if he had been quiet last night.  I know that is a setup question but I answered him honestly, yes, as far as I know, last night, you were quiet. 

He triumphantly told me he'd had "One and a half" "sips" (4-5 servings) instead of "one", because "One didn't do the trick". 

I was Not Happy, but I didn't show it. 

And I am sick of writing about him drinking so onto something else. 

Biscuit.  We went to Walmart (Ron and I, not Biscuit and me).  I bought plenty of canned cat food for Biscuit, although I didn't get any more plates.  I feel I should have. 

I put the num-num (canned food) onto a disposable Styrofoam plate.   I let the cats eat off it, then throw it away and give them a new one about 12 hours later. 

Biscuit gets very excited if he sees me with a Styrofoam plate in my hand, let me tell you. 

So, I mainly got stuff for Biscuit, a little ice cream for me, etc.  Ron got cat treats and some trail mix. 

We came home with a nice driver we like a lot.  It wasn't "straight" but he is a very pleasant person. 

We came home and I took a nap for a couple of hours.  I didn't sleep well last night and didn't even get my shower this morning (it was my day off).  I slept for a couple of hours and woke up with Biscuit spooning me.  That was a really nice cuddle, I hated to get up. 

I finally did and took my shower, did my God Time finally. 

Ron wanted to go get burgers.  I got something off the value menu and he got the new special.  We had the same driver we had earlier, the nice guy, so we bought him a hamburger. 

We had a rare round trip, so he ate his burger in the cab while we ate our burgers at the table.  Nice!  Then we came home. 

#6 is having some people over but so far it's been quiet.

The cats are good. 

Ron asked me to watch a movie with him so I did.  It wasn't bad. 

For a while now, the last thing I have wanted to watch is a comedy and he's been begging me for weeks.  I finally watched it.  I did get a couple of laughs. 

Ron went to bed, I stayed up looking for sheets.  So far I have narrowed it down to these:  I like them in the gray. 

And you can't beat the price.  I also like organic cotton if possible because they use so many toxic sprays raising conventional cotton. 

Yes, the universe is going to melt and burn (2 Peter), but that doesn't mean we need to piss in the flowerbed. 

I try to be a good steward when I can. 

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Maybe Ron will respond to Proverbs 20v1

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