Friday, July 1, 2016

A more level life

So, today.  Ron woke up, right after I cancelled his trip to work.  He was pissed.  He didn't go anyway but he was pissed "I" made the decision.  I heard a lot about that, via text, while I was working. 

I had a hair-raising ride to work, but I made it there alive and walking (I took a cab).  It wasn't cheap but we had to get our delivery. 

I let the business pay me back. 

I got to work and did it all in a couple of hours.  I took a break and Dr Pepper showed up with my delivery.  It was the nice guy.  He even stacked it for me.  I gave him a sandwich and a Dr Pepper. 

Before I left, I told Ron he can have a divorce if he hates me so much.  He was shocked.  "Ron" I told him "You just spent all night saying 'I hate you, bitch.'.  I can't live like that and you can't either."  We will see where that goes. 

Ron needs to know bad behavior will result in my leaving him, permanently.  I don't believe the Bible, or Jesus, would want me to stay in a patently abusive relationship that tears me down "On the regular" basis. 

During the wedding ceremony, he made a deal with God to value me and treat me with respect.  He has broken that contract.  I made the same deal with God, regarding him.  Some may say my blogs are too frank and "undress" him, but to that I say, if you don't want your shameful acts broadcast, don't act shamefully. 

I'm assuming he will do the "Let's talk, it was all your fault, admit it and everything will be fine".  I expect him to deflect his drinking with the fact that I dared to cancel his trip to work.  We'll see. 

I had a good day at work, it was pretty slow, and then I called our driver to take me home.  We stopped at Burger King and I got some chicken nuggets, and a couple of burgers for later (plain bacon cheeseburgers off the dollar menu).  They will keep well - ever tried to eat a leftover sandwich with lettuce?  Ugh! 

When I got home, Greg the handyman was in the driveway and the cats were loose in the house.  Ron let them out.  I rounded them up and put them back. 

Just now, Ron demanded Torbie (she is very comforting), so I plucked her out of my bedroom and delivered her to Ron.  At least he's getting his money's worth out of her surgery - in cuddles. 

Torbie laid on me all last night, I had a hell of a time sleeping.  I figured God decided cuddles were more needed than sleep. 

Greg is building the gate right now and that should make the homeowner's association very happy.  I just hope he can rig up some kind of lock so no one can get in without permission. 

About the cat food: yes, wet is "better".  Wet is primarily meat and cats are primarily meat eaters.  Dry food is meat + extenders.  They can be everything from high quality vegetables (the stuff we feed) to cheap cornmeal and animal fat.  Read a label, you'll see.  It is pretty awful, some of them. 

If I were getting a new cat I would feed wet only.  If I lived alone I would feed wet only. 

But, it depends on the cat.  Some cats hate wet food.  Some cats don't want good food, and instead want the cheap stuff in the purple bag (Bubba, the black cat in my photos).  He always looked sleek and gorgeous so clearly it worked for him.  I probably could have gotten another couple years out of him, though, if I could have gotten him to eat the quality stuff. 

But Bubba was as stubborn as I am.  He loved his Surf & Turf. 

So, I don't know what will happen today.  After Greg leaves I plan to try to get a nap.  I took  my medication early because it never hurts after a night of sleep deprivation. 

I just wish I could have a more level life. 


Anonymous said...

I always say if you don't like your truth, change it.

Anonymous said...

how do you feel about "raw diets" and cats? I have my dog on a half raw he gets frozen burger or a frozen chicken leg as half his food and wow is he healthy teeth and everything the vet is totally on board with this kind fo feeding she is not happy either with most dog dry dog foods and said like you did about cats...dogs too would eat meat primarly if they could so that make sense thanks for answering.

I was thinking a cat could benefit as well from the same type of raw diet? do you know anything. I think I will research it as well and talk to the vet since I am doing it for very spoiled dog and you mention the reason for using canned (and for sure I am going to do canned instead of the dry that makes total sense!

my husband does the same thing for different reasons and are arguments are "circular " and very stupid on his part especially when I disengage and do somethign for myself while he is still ranting ...they do not even care if you are there we are just "things" when they get like that not humans just targets and it is horrible and many more woman than us live day to day with this kind of thing suffering in isolaiton when really maybe we would be more out there in life having more fun and being more social ..

mental health in medicine ... is "coming along" but not fast enough opinion it is because mental illness is not a good money raiser and people do not take it seriously. Autism thank goodness is getting some attention but it took Movie stars coming out with kids or whatever ..anyway my husband is finding help for his behavior but it is not helpful still to have to live with it so I get it especially since we let things get this bad for us before we saught help.

I took an empathy test online and so did he..he has none! LOL go figure

much love Heather be well and please we both need a treat once a week minimum! I am shooting for today since tantrum boy screwed up my plans earlier this week.

Heather Knits said...

From what I hear, cats do well on raw, but I worry they would drag it off to gnaw under the table.

Bubba used to do that with "my" food. I was low carbing for quite a while (you may already know this) and I ate a lot of cooked meats. Bubba (the black cat in my slideshow) used to steal my food and drag it off, eat it in the hallway or under the table, get into the trash for the pork chop bones, etc.

I just worry about them doing that. Baby girl likes to "bury" her canned food every day after she's done eating. She might start actually putting things on top of half eaten raw food and UCK.

If I didn't worry about that (and I have a couple of barbarians here, I am sure your average cat is much more mannerly), I'd probably do it. Mine are well overweight and I am trying to cut back - I think real food is the key to this.

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