Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Catching up on the last couple days

Saturday night I went to work.  I'm not sure if I already told you about this. 

I was fine, except for when I found an employee rummaging around in my cart, taking product out, and then wanting to buy it.  I was annoyed because I had just stocked said product.  Why not buy it out of the machine like you're SUPPOSED to, and STAY OUT OF MY STUFF! 

It seems like common sense, but Ron chided me later, said I was rude.  Well, this guy doesn't really respect boundaries unless you make a FIRM statement.  He used to crowd in behind me, just about a foot away, while I was stocking the vending machines.  I was trapped by the vending machine and it was very uncomfortable.  I very rudely told him (years ago) to please back up and give me some space, he got it, and he never did it again.  He's not a bad guy but I think there are some issues. 

I'm one to talk!  I wasn't able to take my meds Saturday and it showed. 

Peanuts are my enemy.  I need to remember that.  Chocolate was a hard fought lesson - but it is also a migraine trigger. 

We came home, I went to bed. 

I forget what I did Sunday but we had the day off.  I think I mainly slept - getting over the migraine.  I was also depressed (there go the meds again), and just weary of all that's happened.  I did get back on schedule with my dosing. 

Yesterday we got up early and went in to work.  They rode us around for an hour, picking up people, before they dropped us at work.  Ron was exhausted from riding so long.  All he wanted to do was lie down. 

I would have been happy to help him do that, but he wanted to work.  I brought a sleeping bag to work on Saturday in case he ever wants to lie down at work. 

Nope, he didn't.  But it's there if he needs to lie down and stretch out. 

Boy, all this has really taught me to respect my back.  I am sitting at my chair with perfect posture, taking stretch breaks, vigilant.  Of course I've already had this body for 42 years so who knows. 

Anyway, I helped Ron stock, while doing my own work.  Then I did up an inventory and we went to the warehouse. 

I bought all Ron's stuff, got some of mine, and we loaded the truck.  I always make sure to tip that guy - the one who helps - because I've done it myself and it's not easy. 

Well, not easy for an overweight 42 year old woman. 

We got back to work, I loaded the carts, got all that inside.  Ron helped move the light things, cookies and small snacks less than 5 pounds or so.  We don't want to hurt him. 

Inside again, just me this time, to shove everything in the stockroom and leave.  But I had to do the coffee machine, and stock a couple coils on a snack machine. 

You're never really "done" with vending, if you have a good population. 

Then we went to the bank, deposit time, and we got something to eat. 

Ron and I talked about his insomnia in front of Chuck.  I told Ron his Flomax has a warning to take it in the morning, it must be activating.  He agreed he has had a lot of trouble sleeping since he started taking it at night.  He agreed to take it in the morning now. 

We came home, I cleaned up the front door entry area.  I got the bear ready for the kids and stuck my bag of candy in a convenient spot. 

I had over 133 bags of candy with Scripture Booklets.  Each bag had a full sized Snickers bar and a handful of other candy.  That's what I did on Sunday - I finished bagging up the candy!  Now I remember - I thought "If I ever see another Dum-Dum lollipop in my life...." 

So I took a nap. 

I got up.  We had kids as early as 6:45.  We had over 100 kids total, they came in huge marauding packs.  I kept filling bags and bags and bags of candy. 

One of my neighbors handed out packages of hot Funyuns.  If you're going to hand out a product, why not something "good" like Ruffles or Lays?  Funyuns?  Really?  Ew. 

That's one I would be giving to my little brother. 

Some kids had the small plastic pumpkin with a carrying strap.  Those, IMO, sucked because they hardly held any candy.  A couple kids didn't have bags at all, so I gave them some. 

I guess you could say Halloween is the one night when I am nice to strange children banging on my door.  We wrapped it up around 10, I always get some harried moms who just got off work and are trying to cram some family memories. 

I went to bed and slept for 10 hours.  We have today off.  Ron is still asleep.  I have cleaned up by the front door, done my God Time, and plan to either take a nap or do some laundry.  I'm not sure. 

Ron was so quiet I checked him to make sure he wasn't dead. He's snoring. 

That's good. 

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Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

I went to a farmers mkt this past weekend, it was open for kids to " trick or treat" booths were generous! But this one guy had a pair of tonges and was offering kids ine sprouted pea shoot ! Yes! A pea shoot, parents tried to be polities telling the kids to say thank you and the kids were pissed ! Apples are fine at the market or a veggie of the kids choice,but a pea shoot with tongs? Lolol!
Snickers have been a " meal " for me more than once i hustified the peanuts as " protien!" Sounds like you had a fun Halloween! We sid too! Oooxxx

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