Friday, November 25, 2016


#19 started playing loud music about the time I went to bed.  I could have gotten up, dressed, gone for a walk and verified it was #19, come home, called the police, gotten undressed, and gone back to bed, or I could endure. 

I endured.  It went until about midnight.  I had to wake up at 1:45.  I altered that to 2:30 then got up, took a shower, and got ready quickly. 

Our ride came right at 3:45, on time.  This is AM.  She chatted loudly and we hushed her.  We didn't want to disturb the neighbors.  Later on, I didn't feel so guilty about her probably waking them up. 

We went to work.  We got our delivery and stocked the machines.  I decorated, putting tinsel Christmas trees on top of most of the vending machines, a stuffed toy snowman (not the one from Frozen, this predates the movie), and a stuffed toy Santa in one of my snack machines.  I also put snowflake and Santa clings on the vending machine glass, as well.  I felt it was very festive. 

I did encounter a problem with the battery operated lights for Ron's wheelchair.  They required a screwdriver to open the battery compartment.  Darn it. 

I hunted around but I couldn't find a small (about 2 mm) Philip's head screwdriver anywhere.  I ended up buying a set, later. 

We had a productive day at work and left at 8:45.  Things haven't ramped up into FULL holiday mode just yet. 

The paratransit company had called us a regular cab, with a wheelchair compartment.  He was happy to hear Ron wanted to ride in a regular set ("transfer"), and stored the wheelchair properly. 

We got home.  I was exhausted and took a nap for a couple of hours, but didn't sleep very well. 

I got up and did most of my God Time (finished the rest later, before I got online), and got Ron ready to go.  I heard frenzied honking outside. 

Someone's in a hurry, I thought.  I wondered at the driver's impatience.  Then I saw: #6 had a visitor.  He needed to pull up so the wheelchair van could park in front of our house, but he refused to do so.  The driver had to park at an angle, across the street.  Good thing we're not on a busy street. 

When we got out there he (the other driver, who wouldn't move) took a good hard look at Ron and mumbled "She didn't ask me to move".  The driver, when I told her, called bullshit.  She had specifically asked him to move and he said no. 

Nice guy.  "He'll end up in a wheelchair one day" I said "Then he'll understand."  How rude.  He was also blocking #6 from leaving their own driveway, and they were loading up the car.  The rude guy was also leaning on #6's pickup truck as if he owned it.  All around rude. 

I was happy to get away from him.  It reminded me of the guy, looking at a house for sale on our street, who actually got into the wheelchair van, blocking Ron's access, as he interrogated the driver on how he could get his mother "Someone to drive her around".  Ron couldn't get on the van, and he couldn't stand for long, so I asked the intruder to please leave.  He gave me a killing look and stomped off.  I was really glad he didn't end up buying the house. 

The driver complained about that guy all the way to Walmart (more than a couple of miles).  We got to Walmart and I left Ron at the door, then went to make my deposit.  I kissed $240 goodbye for my health insurance (not for long, it's going up) and made my deposit. 

I got everything on my list (Vitamin E, protein bars, canned cat food).  I had enough time to find the small screwdrivers I needed for the Christmas lights and time to buy another strand, and some batteries.  I also bought a little incense, which smells horrible. 

I think I was a little manic.  At any rate I called it done and checked out, paying the nice lady in the elf hat.  I found Ron, who called Chuck, who was nearby. 

We loaded my single bag into the truck, along with the wheelchair.  Happily Chuck has disabled plates so he can park in the "good" spot. 

We went to Carl's Junior.  Ron wanted to try the beer cheese fries.  Chuck likes the chicken tenders with ranch.  I like the Western Bacon Cheeseburger (I give Ron the onion rings).  We enjoyed out meal.  Ron and I ordered some extra food to go so we'd have something to eat tomorrow. 

We loaded everything back in the truck and went home.  Ron began squirming in the backseat.  I could tell he needed to use the bathroom, much, I guess, the way a mother would. 

"When we get home" he said in a strained voice "I need to go in right away.".  Oh, boy. 

We got home.  I raced around back and opened the tailgate.  And I couldn't get the wheelchair to unfurl.  I was so frustrated.  I kept thinking Ron was going to [censored] all over the nice leather seats in Chuck's truck.  I'm sure Ron feared the same thing. 

I finally dragged the chair over to Ron.  Ron managed to get it open and sat down.  I shoved him in the garage.  "Oh, it's not so bad now" Ron told me.  I was so frustrated.  Either you need to go, or you don't!

Don't freak me out with a bathroom emergency and then "Never mind".  Ugh.  Chuck gave me my bag of stuff, I thanked him, and he left.  I got Ron in the house and to the bathroom.  No sense in taking chances. 

I noticed the rude man had left from in front of #6, along with #6's primary vehicle.  I guess the guy was holding them hostage, too.  Rude, rude, rude. 

Anyway, I did my God Time, praying for the rude man in addition to everyone else, and burning my terrible incense.  I watched a little "Pacific Rim".  It's a good superhero movie.  I like them. 

Ron got on the exercise bike for a while and changed the batteries in the bike's computer.  I gave him some "good" name brand batteries to put in the unit.  He had a good little workout and said his knee is feeling better.  Good. 

I finished my God Time and got online. 

I plan to go to bed early tonight. 

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