Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving eve

I slept pretty well last night.  It rained this morning, as advertised, so I lay in bed and listened to the rain on the roof. 

After it stopped, I got up.  I figured it would be pretty quiet today. 

I was partly right.  I took my shower, did my God Time, ate my protein bar and drank some diet iced tea.  I had run out of my Diet Mountain Dew. 

I changed up my dosing a little.  I was taking my Haldol in the morning but it made me pretty groggy, and my handwriting terrible.  So I take it with my evening pills now.  So far, so good. 

I wanted to get a nap today so I went back to bed around 11 and laid down.  I managed to fall asleep but the kids next door (#6) got out their soccer ball again.  Ugh.  Maybe I need to buy them a Wii or something quiet they can do in the house. 

I won't, but I'm tempted at times. 

No, Heather, you cannot live in the perfectly quiet neighborhood you dream about.  It doesn't exist.  Take your lumps and enjoy the quiet when you do get it. 

It's quiet now. 

I did fall asleep for a while and had an odd dream about a family member (not Ron), cat treats, and a home I lived in during the late 80's.  I was actually happy to get up. 

I did get up and got online for a bit, then had Ron call me a cab.  We must be doing alright, "Mike" took it in 2 minutes, calling us to get the details.  He arrived shortly. 

Ron gave me cab fare to go to Walmart, so I packed up my bags and went (I use large, re-usable tote bags stuffed into an insulated tote). 

I needed underwear, which I got.  I also got cat treats, snacks for Ron, almost a month's worth of soda for myself (at one bottle a day), etc.  I got Christmas clings and lights for Ron's wheelchair.  They are really pretty.  I got apple juice for Ron, and V-8.  He said he would drink it if I got the low sodium version, because the regular is "too salty".  OK, I can do that. 

I bought 38 + 25 = 63 pounds of cat litter, because Chuck was picking me up and I don't have many opportunities to get everything I need.  The paratransit system, properly I believe, has a policy limiting the amount of packages a person can transport. 

By the time I checked out, I had an overflowing shopping cart.  I had the girl put everything in the bags and they all fit.  We put the toilet paper into the insulated tote bag.  I didn't get any food, I tried to stay away from that section.  I did get Ron some Beanie Weenie though.  It is a canned food item, with cut up hot dogs in baked beans.  It's very filling, cheap, and good. 

We won't tell Ron beans count as vegetables. 

I'm just trying to get him to eat better. 

I went to McDonald's and got a value burger, small fries, and a drink.  I was just finishing up when Chuck found me.  He had parked at the far end of the lot.  We went outside and I pushed the cart to the truck. 

I loaded the truck, very carefully with the litter, because they were so heavy, happy it was dry and I wouldn't have to worry about moisture contaminating the packaging.  The litter I purchase comes in cardboard containers.  The cats like it so I'm not inclined to change it out. 

We got home.  I put away the heavier litter and Chuck helped me bring my things into the garage.  He told me he was turning his phone off tomorrow, good to know.  I said goodbye and shut the garage door, then I brought my stuff in the house and worked on putting it all away.  I had a surprising amount of stuff for Ron. 

I put all the work/Christmas stuff into my Christmas bag for work.  It contains a stuffed Santa, various tinsel trees, etc.  Now it also has a hat and Ron's new lights.  I need to go through the bag at work and see if his wheelchair lights are in there. 

Yes, I put Christmas lights on Ron's wheelchair.  Since he is using one for work and one for home, I would like to do both wheelchairs.  I'm going to need some batteries for that and I'm done. 

We will have a longer Friday morning because we have a delivery coming. 

Only problem, I forgot to make the deposit for my health insurance.  I am still really unhappy they are trying to force a crappy HMO on me for $400 a month.  That's almost half my pay. 

I may just save up $300 a month for emergencies.  I don't know.  I'm just frustrated. 

Biscuit got his canned food tonight and he's being a happy boy lying in his little box, behind me.  He's not so little at 14.5 pounds, but he fits nicely in his storage basket. 

Baby Girl ate some too, and wrestled with Biscuit a little bit.  I need to clean the boxes but that's it for tonight. 

We don't have anything special planned for tomorrow.  I will be calling family to see how they're doing. 

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