Tuesday, November 22, 2016


The cats went crazy with the cat door last night.  It's near my bed.  They were charging in and out of it all night long.  It kept waking me up, and I woke up exhausted. 

If I'm this tired with a couple of cats, and Ron, I'm glad I never had kids. 

I slept late and barely had time for my shower.  I like wintertime, I don't have to shave my legs, although it did get up to 80 degrees today.  I love Houston.  It's never cold for long. 

We have a weather front coming through and that means rain and thunderstorms tomorrow.  After our near-flood event back in April (the first in over 12 years), I hope I can begin to enjoy the rain again without wondering if we're flooding. 

Boy, there's just a million things to worry about, if you go that way. 

So, I went to work.  We had a long ride, mainly because we had to pick up one guy in a bad neighborhood near our home.  It was so bad it was featured in "The First 48" a reality show about murder investigations.  A guy was "slipping" - selling drugs on the wrong corner, was attacked, chased, and shot dead in a vacant lot right across from his apartment.  I was dying to ask the guy if he knew about it. 

First, though, we had to wait for him to come out.  That took about 20 minutes.  They give a call out 10 minutes before the vehicle arrives.  They tell you to be ready 20 minutes ahead of your pickup time.  We waited until well after his pickup time before he decided to come out.  Maybe he was scared of the neighborhood.  I didn't care that he was latino, or in a wheelchair.  I did care that he was tardy. 

If I worked for anyone other than Ron I would have been fired because people like him make people like us, late for work (he was not going to work).  Sure enough, we got there half an hour late.  We barely had time to accomplish our tasks. 

I had to fill snacks, they had been wiped out.  I'm really glad they like what I'm selling but it's important to keep up.  I did that.  I have a low carber so I made sure I stocked the pork rinds.  He (or someone) is doing a good job of buying them up. 

I also helped Ron replace/obtain drinks from the fridge, and stock canned sodas.  He did the soda inventory on his own and called it in. 

I took the money out of the vending machines and counted it.  Then we went to the bank and made our deposit.  Chuck met us at the bank and took us to Burger King.  We got chicken nuggets (all of us), and I got a couple of value burgers to go.  We came home, I put my burgers in the fridge (!), and I took a nap. 

#6 woke me up with one of their soccer games, but I was so tired I went back to sleep.  I woke up around 3. 

#6 started the soccer game again, around 5, and went for a while.  I checked the mail.  More property tax.  I watched a little TV and talked to Ron.  I organized the front room and got my reusable bags together.  I need to go to Walmart tomorrow (after the rain) and get things like soda, cat litter, etc.  I'm getting enough stuff that I'm going to pay Chuck to take me home, that way Ron won't get into trouble on paratransit. 

My mood is OK to moderately depressed.  I'm getting work and my chores done, so I'm happy. 

I'm thinking about cutting out the sugar free drink mix.  I notice it seems to cause big cravings after I drink it.  Besides, it gets tiresome running to get more mix every little while. 

That's it for now. 

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