Sunday, November 27, 2016

I hope tomorrow is a better day

I was moderately impressed last night, #6 wrapped up the party (including deflating the bouncy castle) around 10:30-11 PM as opposed to midnight.  I guess a toddler can only stay up so long, and the guest of honor went to bed "early".  I went to bed a little after 11 and slept pretty well. 

I didn't have any cats in the bed, which is good and bad.  It's bad because I get lonely, good because I have room to roll over without squashing anyone. 

I woke up so depressed.  I curled into bed, trying to get some more sleep.  I finally resigned myself to getting up, did that, and found Ron, at 8 AM, with a drink in his hand. 

Now, as I lay in bed I reminded myself of the precepts from a business/self-help book I read many years ago.  It was called "Contact, the first 4 minutes".  Basically the tone you set in the first 4 minutes of an interaction will determine the whole tone of your interaction with the person, one reason people make small talk. 

One thing he said, don't immediately jump into negativity.  Don't do that, he begged. 

What did I do when I saw Ron standing there with the drink in his hand?  Sitting in his wheelchair, rather? 

"What are you doing?  It's only 8 AM!"

"My foot's bothering me." 

"Of course it is, you had a blackout yesterday!"

"I figured you were gone [out], I might as well get drunk.  And my foot hurts.." 

"You need to take your Neurontin.  That helps." 

"I can't take it when I'm drinking." 


He asked how my day went yesterday and I told him, lousy.  I explained the problem with the credit card not working and not being able to pay my phone bill.  He sighed, put the drink away, and called the bank.  It was overdue, so they turned off processing for it. 

He kept trying to set it up to pay my cell phone, I had to yell, several times "It's coming off my account now".  If he wants to give me the money for the bill every month, he can.  It will be a pinch but I need reliable phone service.  I can't have them cutting it off because he forgot to pay the credit card. 

My name is not on that credit card, so I'm not worried.  If he wants to ruin his own credit, I can't stop him. 

He just couldn't be bothered to check because it was "supposed" to take money out of the checking to cover the bill, but he never looked to see if they were. 

I took a shower and did my God Time.  Ron went back to bed. 

I got a text from my cell phone provider, they will run my card tomorrow.  They money's in there.  For now. 

I never assume my account is secure.  But as far as I have been able, I've made it possible for the cell phone bill to come out of my account now. 

Ron was pretty upset at first, but then said fine. 

I was exhausted.  I figured I would take a nap while I could, and went into the bedroom.  Just in time to hear the sounds of the bouncy house being inflated and the children, all 6 of them, coming out to play.  They screamed, yelled, and bounced for about an hour as I lay miserably in bed.

The blower (fan) noise for the bouncy house reminded me I hadn't turned on the fan in the bathroom after my shower.  I got up and did that. 

There is nothing worse than the sound of children playing, when I'm depressed.  Nothing. 

They finally stopped.  The castle didn't make a lot of noise deflating.  The kids played with a soccer ball for a while. 

Finally over.  I got my nap, had nightmares, and woke up with a headache.  I took some aspirin and ate some yogurt raisins.  Ron was in a better mood, sober, so we talked a little. 

I watched a little TV and decided I wanted a pizza.  I was happy to find the pizza company had a sale, half off everything.  I got Ron a BBQ chicken pizza and myself a pepperoni deluxe.  I had them leave off the garlic on mine, and they did.  I think the crust tastes a lot better without it anyway. 

Garlic can give me headaches, as I have a mild allergy. 

Ron decided it was "cruel" to lock up the cats in the bedroom.  He went outside in his wheelchair to get the pizzas.  When they came, he let me know and shut the garage door.  After he shut the garage door I opened the door to the house.  I brought in the pizza.  Ron made a crack about that "I'll have to get myself up the ramp".  I don't think he could. 

I got him up the ramp and gave him his pizza.  He ate about 3/4 of it.  He was moaning in pain from overeating the last I saw him.  I ate 2 slices of mine, I'm full.  As I said, it's very good without the garlic butter on the crust. 

I took my meds between slice #1 and slice #2.  I figured it would help them settle.  I did up all my meds last night during the party, I have 2 weeks all ready to be taken as needed. 

I finally told Ron, casually, we had gotten the results from his X-ray.  "Is it broken?" he asked.  No, I responded.  But you have osteopenia, weakening of the bones.  It's not surprising considering he consumes no calcium, does not exercise, and drinks. 

The radiologist wrote a note for Ron to take a calcium and vitamin D supplement.  Ron says he has Vitamin D so I will trust him on that.  I gave him what's left of my bottle of calcium/magnesium/zinc tablets.  "Take one whenever you take a Tylenol" I told him.  He takes his painkiller a couple times a day. 

I also noticed his knee was warm to the touch but not red.  I think it's arthritis.  Which was also noted on the radiology report. 

Agh.  He's so fragile.  I am not upset that he is disabled, I just wish he took better care of himself.  It would be like me, knowing I am mentally ill, pulling all-nighters, using drugs, and refusing to take my medication.  Of course you're going to have problems. 

Tonight a weatherfront comes in, with rain. 

I sure hope tomorrow is a better day. 

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