Monday, November 14, 2016

It looks to be a busy week

Oh, I'm tired. 

I kept waking up last night, too much soda at lunch.  The moon was pretty, though. 

I worried it might give me a headache, supermoons tend to do that.  It did.  I had to take some Excedrin when I woke up. 

I had two cats in my bed, Torbie and Biscuit.  I petted them both and gave Biscuit his breakfast.  He loves his canned food.  Tonight, actually, I caught Torbie eating it too.  Not only that, she "buried" it the way Baby Girl does when she's finished. 

I took my shower and dressed.  We were doing a supply run so I wore one of my microfiber shirts.  I pulled my hair back in a very short ponytail.  I've decided to let my hair grow out about a foot and keep it in a ponytail.  It's easier than keeping it chin-length. 

Understandably, I didn't get it cut last month as Ron recuperated from his back surgery.  I didn't have any time!  Between work, cats, and Ron I barely had time to sleep at night. 

Some of you will accuse me of burning myself out.  Well, it helped keep the depression at bay. 

Ron got up and changed his outfit without any prompting.  I will need to do some laundry tomorrow, and wash his old stuff, before the cats start sleeping on it and get it full of cat hair. 

I don't think my "new" washer can take that. 

We left for work.  We got out delivery and I stocked it (sandwiches).  You may be interested to hear what kinds we sell:
Dutch lunch (3 meat, 2 cheese)
Chicken salad
Egg salad
Turkey and cheese
Hot dogs (2) with combinations of cheese, chili, and peppers. 

I won't tell you our wholesale price because you might be a customer.  Our retail price is $2.50 and the sandwiches are a nice size.  Ron and I eat them on a fairly regular basis, because we like them, and because we want to experience what the customers do. 

How can I say it's good if I'm not eating it? 

I loathe chicken so I eat the egg salad.  I'll eat that end of the chicken.  Ron likes the chicken salad or the hot dogs. 

I stocked what I could for snacks and made an inventory.  I helped Ron with the bottled vendor and helped him do an inventory for the warehouse. 

Pretty soon, time to go.  I told someone I was leaving my carts out on purpose and left. 

We went to the warehouse.  I got all the drinks.  Many, many drinks.  Over 20 cases. 

One man had his flatbed cart parked in front of the Mountain Dew.  I waited patiently.  I needed a case.  He asked what I needed and offered to get me a case, then gave me one that looked like it had been thrown off a cliff.  Half the cans were burst open and the cardboard case was very degraded.  I waited until he left, then replaced it. 

They were almost out of bottled Coke.  I managed to get some off the last ones off the pallet. 

We will need to figure out delivery days, when Sam's gets the delivery, and adjust our shopping accordingly. 

The rest of my drinks were pretty uneventful. 

I went onto snacks.  I got trail mix, peanuts, several chips (some were combo packs so I got 5 varieties in one box), cupcakes (they had the much-coveted vanilla cupcake), and some Conchas.  No, I don't profile racially but we have a fair amount of latinos.  They love the Conchas, Conchas have a good food cost, and the expiration dates are 10 days away.  I went ahead and got them.  I loaded it on and around my existing merchandise and rolled up to the checkout. 

One of my favorite cashiers opened her register right as I got into line.  Yes.  She rang me up.  I bought myself a case of Zevia soda (with my own money) and a Sam's fountain drink. 

I went over to customer service and asked for assistance loading the truck.  I tip whoever does it so they don't mind.  That's a pretty good living if you get more people like me.  I don't know if they do. 

I got a manager.  He wasn't very good at loading the truck.  We were both happy to see the cart attendant come over to help.  After the manager left, I tipped the cart attendant. 

He earned it.  He was working very hard. 

Not to mention, he saved me a lot of wear and tear.  It's hard work, loading that pickup.  I appreciate anyone who helps make that job easier. 

Now, I could have tipped the manager but 1.  Sam's has a no tipping policy and 2.  He probably made a lot more than I did. 

We went to work.  I got the carts and Ron helped me unload.  He crawls into the truck bed and shoves merchandise at me. 

I got everything loaded, got Ron in the building, and Chuck and I got the carts into the foyer at work.  He left. 

About 20 minutes later, he had a massive vertigo attack and had to park the truck.  Thank God we weren't with him on the freeway! 

In the meantime, Ron and I were stocking.  I put 8 cases of water, 3 cases of Coke, and the Zevia in the fridge.  I helped him with the bottled vendor.  I stocked snacks and tagged pastry to go out, then stocked it. 

Ron helped me stock the honeybuns.  Good.  That's a job I hate.  I did the vanilla cupcakes.  They have a creamy white filling, white cake, and white icing with red and blue sprinkles.  They are very patriotic and the customers love them.  I can hardly keep them in stock.  They come 2 to a package, and we sell it for $1. 

Chuck called and let us know he was sick.  OK.  We are not going to the bank. 

How the hell are we getting home?  Ron didn't make a paratransit trip to go home because we were "using" Chuck. 

Ron started going down his list of cab drivers, but they were either not answering or not available. 

He called Yellow Cab.  A guy came in about 10 minutes.  I suppose we have good street credibility.  People know we are friendly, polite, and good tippers. 

I remember Jose.  He was raving about Trump months ago when Trump had made those comments about Mexicans.  He was very quiet and didn't talk politics today, which I appreciated. 

I was too tired for any drama. 

Jose dropped us at home, Ron paid him, and got his phone number.  Ron has a whole list of cab drivers in his cell phone.  I need to remind him to back up that list. 

I went to bed and took a short nap, but next time I need to remember to take out my ponytail.  It was a little lumpy under my head. 

When I got up, I fed Biscuit, did the water for the cats, and cleaned 4 litterboxes.  They never use the one in the computer room.  I had to top off litter in some of the boxes.  I had a huge bag of waste and I just did the boxes on Saturday. 

I do the boxes about every other day. 

Poor you.  First I talk about food, now it's... that. 

Speaking of rude subjects, I really think I am advancing on menopause.  My cycle has gone to spotting for days before a short period, lasting about 2 weeks at a time.  I am on about day 4 of spotting. 

The tampon people are going to love it.  I must wear serious protection because I've been known to pass huge blood clots right after spotting.   I'm just wearing the tampons for 2 weeks instead of 5 days. 

I don't really care if I am premenopausal.  I only have a couple of concerns.  I hear it's very hard to lose weight.  I hear I'll lose bone mass (but I'm physically active and I take a mineral supplement).  I hear it can be hard on my heart (so I need to add some cardio).  Other than that, I have no worries. 

I'll just need to buy more tampons, the next time I go to Walmart.  It will be nice not to need tampons anymore. 

Yes, I'm pretty young for all this, but I had pretty extensive ovarian surgery (they were trying to get rid of a benign tumor, but it hid during the operation.  It was later found on a subsequent ultrasound laughing at us.), and that can accelerate the time line.  Which, as I've said, is fine.  I'm not having kids. 

Rather, my kids have tails and say meow. 

We were supposed to have tomorrow off.  That's not going to happen.  We will go to work, stock the Cokes (we were out of bottled Coke and we had to let it get cold in the fridge before we put it in the bottled vendor), touch up anything that needs work, run some errands, and come home. 

We get Wednesday off.  And Thursday, but during those days I need to set up the printer and have Ron complete his food safety certification.  Then we're done.  I also need to do a couple loads of laundry and take out the trash, too. 

Saturday night we're working because #6 is having another party. 

It looks to be a busy week. 

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