Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Blogger changed my layout, it's a little harder to figure out, especially after I have taken my Haldol.  And I only have a half hour before I have to go to bed. 

It was pretty quiet today, I slept "late" today, which turned out to be 8 AM.  I got up, ate my protein bar, did my God Time, and took my shower.  I watched a little TV. 

By this point, it was about 11.  So I went to bed and took a nap, figuring it would get loud later, and I have to get up Very Early tomorrow.  2 AM. 

I took a nap for a while, with Biscuit.  He's a good cuddle boy.  I got up and started calling family.  First up, I called my aunt, who had some turkey problems this year.  Other than that, she's doing well. 

She has never really liked cats, grandma was terrified of them, but a gray stray female showed up several years ago.  They fed it.  She stayed.  They spayed her.  My aunt seldom even pets the cat, but it seems totally happy with their arrangement.  The cat remains leery of all strangers. 

My aunt told me the cat was rubbing all over her feet, as she talked to me.  I squealed.  The cat freaked out and stopped rubbing.  Oops. 

Next up, I called my adoptive Mom.  She is staying with her mom, trying to get her settled after the food poisoning and losing her long time companion.  They seemed to be doing well.  They were making a dinner of roast chicken and asparagus. 

Last, but not least, I called my Dad.  I was a little worried what he was doing with his wife out of town.  I knew the "nearest" family was out of town and worried about Dad sitting alone with a TV dinner.  No, he was with my stepsister and her son (one of Dad's favorite family members).  Good.  He wasn't alone.  He was working on a puzzle and watching a football game, 2 of his favorite things to do, and having a good time. 

He told me about a pointsettia he bought and I worried he would forget to water it.  I didn't say anything. 

Eventually, we hung up.  Now time to think about dinner.  I heated up my double cheeseburger with bacon until it was nice and warm, but not too hot. I ate it, washing it down with a Sprite Zero I found in the front room (I found a 6 pack).  I ate the burger, enjoying it, and then remembered my pies. 

Our local Walmart sells "mini" pies for fifty cents.  They come in a cute little aluminum pie pan, and are about 3-4 inches across.  They're very good.  I buy them on occasion when I want pie, but only a little. 

Ron, in the meantime, was eating a can of beanie-weenie, hot dogs cut up in baked beans.  After he finished it I offered him a bite of my pie.  He had a couple bites of the pecan. 

The pecan was the best.  The pumpkin pie wasn't bad but it couldn't hold a candle to the pecan.  Ron and I finished the pies and he told me a story. 

His family used to have big family gatherings.  His mother was a renowned cook.  One time, after everyone left, Ron felt warmth coming off one of the chairs in the living room.  He realized what it was and yelled "fire", saving his family and their house.  They ran in with a bucket of water and put it out.  Someone had been smoking in one of the chairs and embers had fallen in the cushion. 

Not bad for a little blind kid.  These days, he'd be a hero. 

I gave the cats 3 cans of cat food, throughout the day, and it went well until Baby Girl knocked the last plate off the table while "burying" it.  She is diligently trying to hide the evidence right now. 

My neighbors were pretty quiet, considering, but it's early days yet.  I have to go to bed, Ron just told me our ride is coming earlier than planned so I have to get up at 1:45. 

Whoo.  That's early. 

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Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

Happy Thanksgiving dear Heather! I am thankful for your blog! Oooxxx

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