Thursday, November 17, 2016

A lot about worms

Baby Girl has worms. 

I don't know what it is about this poor cat, but if anyone's got worms, it's her.  She's just prone to them. 

My other cats are not. 

We had scheduled a trip with Chuck to go to the pet store and buy her some medicine, that was our big plan for the day. 

First, though, I got up and took my shower, ran the fan in the bathroom, ran the dryer so I could finish the clothes, and did my God Time. 

Once I did that and got dressed I was ready to go.  I had a moderate headache.  I took some aspirin and hoped that would fix it, but it progressed and became a migraine in the late afternoon.  I kind of figured that out when I was hunched over my bucket, trying really hard not to vomit. 

We went to the store.  Sometimes the girls (cats) like a brand called "Simply Nourish" which also has a grain free salmon option.  I always get the Blue Wilderness grain free Salmon. 

I get the canned food at Walmart, it is cheaper and the exact same product I would buy at the pet store. 

I got 3 bags of Blue and called Ron about the "Nourish".  Did he want one bag, or two?  They had 3 bags on the shelf.  We agreed to buy 2 bags. 

I had 5 bags of cat food in my cart.  OK, now it's time to find the worm medicine.  I found one option, one. Tablets.  By Bayer.  $27 plus tax for three tablets. 

Tablets.  Would Baby Girl accept a tablet?  I was really hoping for a liquid.  I looked.  Nothing else. 

I read the label on the box - I do that.  It said I had better do a flea treatment as well or the worms would just come back.  OK.  I got a package of flea medicine - the "Enteropox" (I think I spelled it OK).

It was a three pack so I can get the whole gang all at once.  I haven't done Torbie and Biscuit yet, due to the migraine. 

 Sometimes, applying the systemic flea killer will aggravate a migraine, which is probably what happened today. 

I threw the stuff in my cart and paid up.  It wasn't cheap.  Happily Ron had given me some money. 

We ran by the Kolache Factory and I got a pumpkin pie kolache, and some cream cheese.  We got home, I dragged the cat food in the house and stored it.  I always have a couple bags in reserve, so I gave Ron the "old" cat food and put the "new" in my storage spot. 

I tried to give Baby Girl the tapeworm pill, to no avail.  She wasn't having it.  I gave up and gave her the flea medicine instead (which is probably what triggered the migraine instead of just a plain headache).  At least she won't have fleas.  Tomorrow or later, I will have Ron hold her down while I pill her, and hopefully she will swallow the pill. 

A lot of hope in there.  If she ever got really sick, and needed medication, I might just board her at the vet so they could be responsible for the medication.  I say that, but I said that about Torbie's foot operation this year and I didn't do it.  I just took her home, cone and all, and dosed her at home.  Happily I only had to give her a total of 3 pain pills. 

Since Doc didn't cut any bone, she recovered quickly. 

I ate a couple of kolaches and took my pills for the day.  That may have been a factor in my headache, too.  My antidepressant, bupropion, is notorious for causing headaches.  If I already have one you can imagine how it might be amplified. 

Many days, I have the hard decision when I wake up with a headache: do I take the antidepressant, knowing it will amplify the headache?  Or do I skip the antidepressant? 

I really try not to skip. 

I took a nap but the headache grew as I slept.  Torbie did get up into bed with me, and that was great.  I like rolling over and petting her.  She occupied pretty much the center of the bed.  I had plenty of room on the side. 

I got up and worked on the laundry for a while.  I almost vomited, but didn't.  I sucked on a wintergreen lifesaver and that seemed to help. 

I am upset I let myself run out of my sugarfree hard candy.  I like to hold a couple in my mouth when I go to bed.  I get such a dry mouth (lithium) and it helps keep things moist without drinking a bucket of water. 

I have some sugar free cough drops which will work in a pinch.  I am running to Walmart tomorrow, so I'll get some more of my preferred candy. 

I didn't vomit, but my head felt terrible.  I watched a little TV, too tired to even get online.  That seemed to help. 

Eventually the worst of the pain abated and I was able to get online.  I also worked on my laundry - I missed a grease spot on one of Ron's shirts and it's ruined now.  [bad word]  I think I will sew a button in the tag and let him know he can wear that for eating, or around the house, but to change it if he leaves the house. 

I will get him another shirt when we go to Walmart.  Happily he likes the 4 for $10 multipack pocket t-shirts. 

Tomorrow I need to check out my health insurance plan.  I had a pretty good plan, pay $234 every month, $6K deductible, but everything over that would be paid by the insurance company.  They got rid of that plan, though, and are introducing an HMO in it's stead.  They are also raising the price to $386.  It had better be an awfully good plan, that's all I have to say.  If not, I will have to hunt up another plan. 

I am hoping the election will influence the health insurance industry and make things more reasonable.  I heard somewhere that Trump does not want to get rid of "Affordable (Ha!) Care" so we'll have to see what happens. 

This is a lot worse than anything I had 10 years ago.  I had a pretty good plan with Blue Cross, $200 a month, very good plan.  Now adays I will probably either have a horrible deductible, large copays, or both. 

I really don't want one of those plans where I am on the hook for 25% of my entire health care cost.  I don't plan to be expensive but if I have a large bill I would rather just pay a deductible only. 

Of course God could come rapture us tomorrow and none of this will be important, but I have to sort this out.  $386 is nearly half my pay. 

Anyway, that's tomorrow. 

Biscuit came and sat on my foot, staring at me adoringly and rubbing against my ankle.  "What do you want?  Oh!" 

I gave him his can of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Salmon and he gobbled it up with Baby Girl at his side.  I serve it to them on an 8 inch foam plate so I can just throw it away when they're done.  Yes, it's bad for the environment, but the Bible says the universe is going to melt and burn anyway, so I'm OK with that. 

I do try to get the plates made in the USA, support local economies and stuff. 

That's it for now. 

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