Saturday, November 19, 2016


I woke up with another headache, I think because we had a cold front come in today. 

So far the aspirin is helping.  I was able to take my AM pills. 

Ron and I had planned to work this afternoon.  Now he's saying he doesn't want to go to work.  That will be 3 days off of work.  We can't do that. 

I don't know why.  "I've never seen you as lazy" I told him.  I probably shouldn't have name called but I was frankly shocked. 

I think it's the alcohol.  It saps all the initiative from him.  If he goes to work, he can't drink all afternoon as he's accustomed. 

I hope I'm wrong.  We're leaving.  More when I get back. 

Well, work was OK.  We went to Walmart first and bought some drinks for work.  I almost threw out my back moving them around.  I won't be doing that again.  It's just not worth it. 

I bought some things for me, tampons (I am going through a lot, this period is 10 days and counting), trash bags, drink mix, etc.  I also bought Biscuit - well, all the cats, a case of canned cat food. 

We went to work.  We had a nice ride with a driver who likes us.  I had bought a couple of burgers to go, so I could have something to eat today.  Note that. 

We got to work.  I diligently put my burgers in the fridge.  I got to work.  The machines looked terrible, so I stocked them. 

Actually an empty machine is a good thing for a vendor, it means you have cash in the box.  But it means you need to stock or you're going to have some pissed off customers. 

I stocked my end.  Ron told me what drinks he needed and I put them on the cart for him.  Then I just told him who was who, so he could stock it properly.  We carry, I believe, about 10 different canned sodas. 

We got work finished and I remembered to put my hamburgers in my bag.  We went out and waited.  The cold front hit Houston and I was actually a little chilly.  Apparently my menopause "cold" window is 60 degrees with a breeze.  Tonight, I'll take a coat. 

We got home pretty fast and I left my hamburgers in their bag, sitting on the floor.  I just found them a little while ago.  Agh.  I threw them out. 

I went to bed.  Unlike other nights, I slept pretty well in spite of #6's motion detector lights shining in my bedroom window.  Either I'm "tuning them out" or we didn't have any critters setting them off.   I would sleep a lot better if it only had a "large, human sized motion" setting and the guy used it. 

I woke up feeling pretty good for a change.  I took my shower and did my God Time, ate my protein bar and took my pills. 

Ron has been lying in bed all morning.  I can see where my family worries he isn't active enough. If it wasn't for work, he would just live in bed. 

He has the thermostat set pretty warm, but he's the one paying the bill.  I don't mind it warm but it's over 70.  Menopause me would rather have it lower. 

#6, ironically enough, has six children.  Usually they are very quiet but when they have a party all the rules are broken.  Tonight, 90% probability they will have a birthday party for their youngest, who is 2.  I keep a calendar of all the birthdays as I learn them, so I can make plans to escape the house when they do have a party.  They don't really break any laws, but they are really loud.  The parties tend to run from 7-midnight with the adults drinking. 

The kids know I will not allow them in my yard (more on that in a minute), but they bang on the door anyway, late at night, when they lose their soccer ball. I have told them they will have to wait until the next day and then I will throw it back, but I'm not going out into my yard in the middle of the night to find their balls - and I'm not allowing them into my yard either. 

They don't seem to get it. 

I don't allow them in my yard because when I did, I had large packs of screaming children roaming my yard for several minutes at a time, throwing the ball over the fence on purpose so they could come over, and small toddlers roaming my yard unsupervised.  I have a far bigger yard, about 3x the playspace vs #6's house.  I keep my tools out there.  It got to be too much, so I wrote #6 a letter saying "(listed all the bad behavior) for safety reasons, I cannot allow any children in my yard, my insurance forbids it".  They stopped, but they still bang on the door. 

It got bad enough I unplugged the doorbell, which drives delivery people nuts.  They still knock.  I ignore it, when I'm home, and I aim not to be. 

I told Ron #6 is, 90% going to have a party tonight.  We need to get out of the house.  I did when they had their October 24th and it was great.  I only came in at the end when he was yelling at all the kids to shut up, and picking up the yard.  Wonderful.  Everyone's happy. 

The next day, I found a ball in the yard and tossed it back.  Everyone wins. 

The kids got their ball, and their party.  I got peace and quiet (that time, I stayed late at the rehab hospital with Ron and then went to a 24 hour Walmart). 

Tonight, I want to go to work.  We can always find something to do and I can build some goodwill with the night shift customers.  I only ever have one problem with them, they are still complaining that "we" (actually our management) closed the deli.  The deli was cobbled together, not up to food safety code, and a big money loser.  It wasn't legal.  But it gave them hot foods at insanely cheap prices ($1.75 for a ham sandwich with veggies).  It closed 13 years ago.  Old timers are still complaining about that, especially on the night shift.  So I have to explain again, it only ever lost money.  But they don't care about that, they got what they wanted and they want it again. 

That will not happen.  USPS just spent over a million dollars upgrading the facility.  They did not build in a deli area for a reason.  No other facility in the nation serves hot food, because the operations lose money and no one's coming to work to lose money, no matter how much the Postal Workers want it. 

I had to deal with this last night.  "I want the deli again, it was so nice for me".  When we had it, all they did was complain about the wait, the prices, the staff, the food, etc.  Now that it's gone, they miss it. 

When they see me, they love to complain about it. 

They don't even buy the premade sandwiches we sell in the vending machines. And those are good, I've eaten them.  I'm very partial to the egg salad.   Half the time we end up throwing out a big part of the order. 

We need to increase our sandwich order, we were almost sold out last night.  Ron will take care of that Monday. 

I told Ron I wanted to go to work tonight to get a break from the party.  He said no, he wasn't going, he would just "get drunk and ignore them".  That's going to end badly.  He will either end up calling the police, complaining that the kids are kicking the ball into the fence (legally, they can), or he will stagger next door and say something, he shouldn't.   Worst case, he will try to go next door and fall. 

I don't want to be around to see it, so Ron arranged for Chuck to take me to work tonight.  Ron says he will stay at home and "enjoy" the party. 

Chuck will also pick me up and take me home later, when the party should be about done.  Even if I'm wrong and they don't have the party tonight, I can still get some work done. 

I just wish I knew a way to get the night shift to shut up about the deli once and for all. 

It's complaining about a store that closed 13 years ago.  It's DONE. 

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