Thursday, November 3, 2016

That day

Pretty depressed today so I will keep it short. 

I got up, took my shower, went to work.  Ron and I stocked for about 3 hours.  I helped him with the heavy lifting stuff (I brought, and used, my back brace).  We came home and I took a nap. 

I had planned to get up earlier but Biscuit was on my foot.  I went back to sleep for half an hour. 

Ron didn't want to work on the monthly accounting report, so we didn't.  We will have to do it tomorrow. 

I got up and fed Biscuit.  He loves his canned salmon (cat food).  Don't feed plain canned fish to a cat, it lacks Taurine and they will get congestive heart failure.  Biscuit loves his "Gravy Lovers", I buy it by the caselot. 

Ron wanted to go to the local Taqueria for dinner.  On Thursdays, they have a fajita special.  It's very good and they give you tons of delicious food. 

First, though, we had to get a ride.  Ron called for a cab, it took about half an hour but we got one. 

Why don't we use Uber?  Well, I don't have a phone that can support the app, and I'm not really interested in getting one.  Besides, I don't feel the pay the drivers fairly and I have some questions about the vetting process. 

I am familiar with, and comfortable using, a Yellow Cab driver. 

Santiago showed up and took us to the restaurant.  We ate, I gave Ron my charro soup and guacamole.  Ron accidentally ate a couple of my corn tortillas.  I ate half my weight in sautéed meat.  I still had half of it left over for Ron. 

Ron ate his charro soup, had a beer, and called it done.  We got the rest of his food to go. 

Ron called Santiago, who was half an hour away.  "Next time" I told Ron "Take it".  It is not easy getting rides in our area. 

Ron called Yellow and we got a nice Nigerian driver (after about 20 minutes).  He was very nice, and thrilled to death when we thanked him in Yoruba. 

Ron's new massager "The old one is too mean" came today.  He likes it.  Good.  He wanted more of a vibration massager and not percussion. 

Mike, at work, has a bad back.  I will see if he's interested in the percussion model.  I think he will be thrilled to get it.  He "should" have surgery but I think Ron's experience cured him of that. 

We had a problem with the electric company.  For some bizarre reason, we keep getting these huge credits on our account, a huge bill, then a huge credit again.  They can't figure it out.  Someone else must be on the account, a business of some sort, based on the bill.  Ron's going to have to shut down his account and reopen it.  I hope that will fix the problem.  He was on the phone with them for a while today. 

In the meantime, I am trying to use the least amount of electricity possible.  It's just aggravating. 

The water company gets everything right.  We prepay the bill a couple months in advance and they take it off every month.  It's about $25 a month.  Very easy. 

I wonder what your water bill is?  We don't use any outside irrigation.

Torbie came and meowed at me, got under my computer chair for a while, and then got into bed with Ron.  Ron thinks she likes the massager.  He is yawning right now.  Good to see he is sleeping OK now. 

When he's up, I'm up.  He tries to be quiet but he makes noise and wakes me up.  Some of it is inevitable, running the wheelchair into things, etc. 

Baby Girl and Biscuit are OK. 

I need to call my aunt.  My Dad and adoptive Mom are visiting this weekend.  We have to work for some of it, and Ron doesn't want to do the overnight in Galveston they had planned.  I need to call and give them the bad news, although I'm sure my aunt has already figured this out. 

One day, I tell myself, things will be peaceful and boring.  I look forward to that day. 

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