Saturday, November 12, 2016


Last night #19 got a little frisky with the loud music.  I asked Ron to call the police but he said no, he couldn't hear it, so it couldn't be that bad.  I went back to bed and they turned it down (I guess someone else called the police). 

People move here because it's quiet, and then they want to ruin that. 


I got a pretty good night's sleep.  Torbie didn't sleep with me and I wasn't too thirsty.  I am always thirsty. 

I woke up between 6 and 7.  I am programmed to get up early these days. 

I took my shower and used my "Moroccan Oil Shampoo" by Suave.  My aunt later complimented my hair so it must be doing good things for me. 

I turned on the fan to ventilate the room and did my God Time, helped by Torbie, who kept knocking things over in here (computer room).  I finished and turned off the vent fan. 

I ate a protein bar and took my pills.  Can't forget that. 

I watched a little Law & Order (the regular one) on TNT.  My Dad texted me.  They were outside. 

My Dad lives in CA, and has been visiting this past week.  Normally they do a family reunion between the siblings (my Dad has a brother and sister), once a year.  This year it happened in Houston. 

When Dad comes to visit, normally I get a part of a few days and then he's off again.  This week I have seen him a total of 4 days, a pretty big deal for this admitted Daddy's Girl. 

He was with my uncle, my aunt's husband.  We were all going to lunch with my other uncle (Dad's brother), my aunt, my other uncle's daughter, and her daughter. 

We all tend to run on nicknames in our family. 
"Mack" is my other uncle.  Mack is not his given name. 
My Dad goes by "Jeff" but that isn't his birth name either. 
"Polly" is my aunt, but, you guessed it, not on her birth certificate.  Her husband also goes by a nickname having nothing to do with his birth name. 
I was there.  I have a family nickname I won't share (not because it's bad, just because it is personal).
My cousin Amy, as far as I know that's her real name.  And then her daughter.

We all stuffed into a booth.  I barely fit.  That would have been so horrible if I hadn't.  I was at the end, by the wall, then Dad and his brother.  Opposite me, my (very slender) aunt and uncle, my cousin, and her daughter. 

We had a good time talking.  I ordered a sourdough bacon cheeseburger.  I was halfway through it and I got some bacon stuck in my teeth. 

"Let's take a picture!"  [bad word]  I didn't smile, I didn't want to be the one with the meat hanging out of my face.  That sounds bad.  I didn't want to be the one with food in my teeth. 

After they took the photo and talked about it, I managed to work the bacon out of my teeth and finish my burger.  It was funny to watch us eat. 

It was like a big communal feast.  Everyone was sampling off each other's plates.  The homemade chips accompanying my burger were a big hit.  I was happy to share.  I just worried I had put too much salt.  I use a lot of salt (I have to because the lithium makes me lose salt).  No one seemed to mind, but no one came back for seconds either. 

After lunch we went to my cousin's place.  She has a small apartment so we hung out by the pool.  I saw a gorgeous, fat, black and white cat wandering around.  At one point it came up to me and meowed, but it was a little freaked out by everyone else.  My Dad laughed at my new friend, even though he - I don't want to use the word "hate", but he's not a cat person. 

We had fun talking and then my "other" uncle had to get to the airport.  His wife had knee replacement surgery not long ago and I'm sure he was wondering about her.  We all hugged and he left with my aunt. 

I said goodbye to my cousin (who follows me on Facebook) and her daughter, then got back in the car with Dad and my uncle.  We took "The scenic route" home and it was very nice.  I enjoyed looking at all the big trees.  Everything around here is getting developed at a phenomenal rate, that's good for the economy but it always makes me sad to see a tree cut down. 

Then I remind myself all the trees go to Heaven (they do, in mine) and I will see them again.  If I think this planet is pretty I remind myself God only did it in 7 days (I am torn between a literal 7 days or maybe 7000 years because "A day is a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years a day").  Whatever he's got in Heaven will be even better. 

But I still hope to find all the trees I loved. 

It was a pretty fast trip.  On the one hand it made me sad, I could live out in the country, where it's quieter and so pretty, much more affordable to live - but I am disabled and bound to a bus line.  I can't even just go interview at any job that looks good, I have to find one that is on the bus line.  God has always taken care of me, though, but I feel the most crippled when it comes to transportation. 

Even my medication and the side effects aren't as bad as my transportation restrictions.  That's why it's so huge when I find someone who is willing to give me rides.  And I pay for gas! 

Some people act as if I could drive, if I wanted to.  Trust me, I want to.  But it's not safe and God made that very apparent to me. 

At any rate, we got home pretty quick.  My uncle wanted to go inside and say hi to Ron.  I wasn't sure if Ron was drunk or what.  Happily, when I went in there, he was just naked.  He threw one some pants and came out to visit (the men waited in the kitchen when I told them Ron wasn't decent).  Ron certainly acted sober so he made a good impression. 

My uncle asked him some questions about mobility equipment, what he could use or not.  Ron told him.  He is pretty much stuck in a wheelchair until his knee gets better.  I'm sure the guys noticed the house was a mess, but they didn't say anything. 

I'm sure they did on the way back to my aunt and uncle's house, but they didn't say anything to my face.  Hey, I have depression.  I am a caregiver.  I'm running a small business.  I take toxic drugs that exhaust me.  I do my best.  I think they appreciated that. 

Biscuit was begging adorably.  When Ron was in the hospital, I would come home at night and give him a can of food.  I came home at 3-ish in the afternoon, early enough for supper.  Ron talked me into feeding him early, even though I normally feed them (him and Baby Girl) around 6. . Biscuit just understood I was home, so it must be time for a can of food.  He's pretty cute. 

I tried to lay down but I had too many diet Cokes at lunch.  Ooops.  Biscuit laid on my ankle, thanking me for his can of food.  I think he knew it was early. 

Then I came along here and told you all about my day.  :) 

So far, it's in the plan for my aunt, uncle, and Dad to come by tomorrow and pick me up.  Then we will go to my church (it isn't on the bus line, so I can only attend if I have a ride).  After church, I will try to talk them into going to the good BBQ place so we can get some good eats.  Then they'll bring me home. 

At some point I need to do laundry but I'm not inclined to start it tonight.  I'm not "out" of clothes, and I have to figure out how I'm going to spend my energy. 

I can get away with 1-2 loads a week, generally. 

Now I just need to figure out when I go to bed.  It's pretty early but I'm not hungry and I am tired. 

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