Monday, November 28, 2016


This morning I got a text message saying my cell phone service had been suspended.  Great.

We had to go to work, though, so we did that.  I took some Excedrin, my morning pills, a Diet Mountain Dew, and a protein bar. 

On the way to work (we had another pickup) I got very queasy.  The driver was in a very chatty mood and didn't notice.  Happily, I had a large container with a screw-on lid, we use them for sorting coins.  It holds about a gallon.  If I had to vomit, I had a receptacle. 

The driver chattered and chattered as I nodded and made one-word replies.  It's true, people don't want to hear me talk, they want to hear themselves talk.  She thought I was a great conversationalist. 

I was just trying, desperately, not to puke. 

I think it's one of those self-employed things: yes, I feel like crap, but I'm going to work anyway.  I don't have any sick leave and no one else can/will do my job if I don't.  One reason I take a lot of supplements. 

By the way, Ron took his cal/mag/zinc supplement this morning, I heard him.  I think he is taking the osteopenia thing pretty seriously. 

We got to work, I got Ron to his wheelchair and I ran for the Pepto.  I drank a couple of chugs and then had a very cold Diet Dr Pepper.  I figured that would help.  It helped both the headache, and the nausea. 

By then, of course, I was way over my caffeine limit so I tried not to drink any more caffeine. 

I had a look at the machines.  We had had some moderate business.  Some things were sold out that I couldn't replace.  We had planned to go to the warehouse today after work, but it was supposed to be heavy rain and severe weather. 

We stocked.  I got the sandwich delivery and stocked them.  I helped Ron.  He liked that I helped him first and then did snacks.  I figured if anyone had a complaint they could take it to Ron. 

We didn't have any complaints, and Ron kept thanking me.  Apparently it is that important to do all his work first, before mine. 

I like to think I'm flexible. 

We finally finished and left.  The driver was waiting on us.  Ron walked partway outside with me because I told him weight bearing exercise is good for bones. 

He is taking it seriously. 

We had a straight trip home.  The driver played some prank calls from radio shows.  One them... well, I don't want to get him in trouble, but it was very funny. 

We got home and heard Biscuit crying in the house for us.  He gets very excited when we come home.  I think it may come from having been abandoned in the woods "You came back!". 

We came in and I took a short nap after talking to Ron.  When I got up, I did my God Time. 

I also got my debit card and ID.  We were going to the cell phone store. 

Chuck came and gave us a ride.  He still thinks the cell phone company screwed up but I know it didn't.  Ron failed to pay the credit card, which declined, on two separate occasions.  Of course the company is going to be upset. 

I went in and honestly explained everything to the clerk.  They have always been good to me at this store. 

She took a cash payment for the current month, and then set up MY debit card for auto-pay.  We should be set now.  She was glad I had my ID. 

It will start debiting my account in about a month.  Every month.  I just need to put the money in my account so nothing bounces. 

God knows I don't want to do all this over again. 

I got 2 text messages confirming autopay, and my payment.  I felt good about that.  Ron also called my phone and verified it was taking calls, all before I left the store. 

Ron basically sent me in the store by myself, telling me to "come get" him if I had a problem.  I didn't. 

Afterward, we went out for BBQ.  Well, they got BBQ, I got cheesecake.  My stomach was still bothering me.  I managed to gag down my pills, though.  So, far, so good.  A little gurgling. 

I haven't had stomach trouble (and by that I mean the actual stomach organ, not my abdomen), in a while.  Lithium can be very hard on the stomach, and so can aspirin, which I often use for headaches.  Not surprising I get a little discomfort. 

We came home.  We have tomorrow off, except for a trip to Walmart.  Ron only has 3 pairs of pants so we need to get him some more.  I like to wait on doing laundry, build up a load, not wash every day.  A couple more pairs of pants would be beneficial. 

And, like Ron said, they only cost $10.  Since they're an everyday thing I don't think they sold out during Black Friday. 

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Spankadoo said...

wow you have had a heck of a week ! glad you got out a bit but darn on the phone and Ron ...OY!!!!

hugs is all I have right now I get it and send you lots of empathy and love!

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