Monday, November 7, 2016


I had a long night.  It rained, pretty heavily, and I kept wondering if we were going to flood again. 

At one point, I even got up and looked out the front window to verify the street wasn't filling up with water (we had about 4 inches of rain in a pretty short time period).  I finally went back to bed when the storm passed. 

The cats kept waking me up going in and out the cat door.  I tossed and turned.  I just couldn't sleep. 

Then I woke up with a headache!  Oh, no, I thought.  I'll have to (and I did have to) take some Excedrin and that has a lot of caffeine.  I will never get to sleep tonight! 

I got up and took the Excedrin, and my shower.  I ate a protein bar and took my pills.  The headache crawled off, snarling. 

I did my God Time and got Ron up.  We had to go to work. 

Ron was late getting ready (Chuck was giving us a ride) but I didn't get upset.  I am always ready on time, if not early.  Chuck gave me enough rides last month to see that. 

So, if Ron + Heather are "late", it must be Ron.  We finally left. 

We got to work on time and I got Ron set up.  He looked at the canned soda machines. 

I had a look at snacks.  They aren't doing anything too spectacular yet (wait a few weeks!), so I hand stocked without using the cart. 

The sandwich guy called and I got sandwiches, then stocked them.  I went back to stocking snacks, this time with a handcart loaded with snacks.  Ron finished about the same time I did. 

He decided to "run" (sort) change in our change sorter, a noisy and tedious job.  I stocked candy bars, a tedious job.  Ron finished, but his back was finished too.  He had to lay down out of the way, to the alarm of several postal workers. 

I did the bottled vendor.  Ron "checked my work" after I finished and said "we" needed to stock a case of water, also.  He had me get that, and bring it to him on the cart. 

While he did that, I worked on pastries.  I have to write the sell by date on a tag, and then apply the sticky tag to the product so the customer can see the sell by date. 

Although, for the record, one time I ate 6-week-out-of-code chocolate zingers and they were just fine.  The frosting was a little stiff, that's all. 

Time to go. 

Mom and Dad were waiting outside in the rental.  I put the wheelchair in the trunk and we went out to lunch at Cracker Barrel.  Halfway through lunch, Ron and I remembered we had not mailed our commission check to our bosses.  It has to be postmarked tomorrow. 


Dad kindly agreed to take us back to work after lunch.  They waited in the car as I ran inside and got everything set to mail the check, made out the check, and signed it.  Then I mailed it.

We left and came home. 

We were all pretty beat.  What does it say for my energy level that I'm about on par with a couple of 70 year olds and a guy with a head injury? 

Ron came home, and as far as I know, didn't even drink before going to bed.  I emptied my bladder, did some research, and took a short nap. 

When I got up I reminded Ron we needed to make our trip to go vote tomorrow.  I had researched, and they were having the election in the same place they did last time.  Hard to believe that was 4 years ago. 

We negotiated times (I will push him home in the wheelchair), and set all that up. 

Ron, exhausted, went back to sleep.  I got online. 

I had a little trouble getting my creative juices started today.  My mind tends to wander when I write, these days.  Perils of medication. 

Oh, of course, I took my medication when I got home today. 

I slept pretty well during my nap so obviously the caffeine didn't affect me too badly. 

I just put my voter registration (and Ron's) card, and my ID card (Ron carries his always, me not as often) in a bag on the door so I remember to take it with me tomorrow. 

That would be awful to go to all the trouble of trying to vote, and I can't. 

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