Monday, November 14, 2016

A better blogger

My hit counter is exploding.  I've gone from 7 thousand hits a month to 20K.  It's boggling. 

It also puts some pressure. 

Am I showing God's love?  Am I being a good witness? 

I felt like such a shit when I realized I had done a whole long Monday blog and I hadn't mentioned God, my faith, or God Time. 

My faith is a big part of me, should it be a bigger part of my blog?  I did do my God Time, by the way, after I woke up from my nap and fed Biscuit. 

I feel like I should be doing more evangelism.  But when?  Things have been crazy and will get more so as we get closer to Christmas and our busy season. 

I don't feel I am an "engaging" blogger.  I don't even read other blogs.  In fact, I blocked one FB friend; her only contribution to my news feed was reposting Matt Walsh blogs and saying "Yeah, what he said".  It got tiresome.  If I wanted to read Matt Walsh I'd be reading him, right? 

Some would say I suffer from low self esteem.  I think it's just depression.  It's hard to find value in myself when I'm depressed.  Yes, I can give you a list of my accomplishments (running that half marathon is going to be near the top).  I can give you a list of my virtues, loyalty being very near the top.  But I don't see the point. 

Maybe I should do a "Meet the cats" blog and introduce everyone, share their rescue stories.  I'm getting so many new readers they might find it fun. 

At the end of it, the blog is essentially me.  What you see is exactly what you get.  I try to hide my more unpleasant features but they come out in my writing anyway. 

You see my pain, my struggles, my triumphs (like rescuing 3 cats, and running the business while Ron recovered from his back surgery).  You experience bad writing and grammar as I deal with my medication. 

And, whoever you are, you seem to like it.  I will keep being "real" because that's what got you here. 

I just hope people aren't putting me up on Facebook and saying "Yeah, what Heather said". 


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ok I LIED I WANT TO SAY CONGRATULATIONS!!!! WOOO HOOO! Heather I know you do not want to "monetize" but seriously if you get your camera going and can post some VLOGS with your blogs ..why not make money if you feel strange keeping it for food and household stuff ..or even fun things I htink you really owe yourself ...but get it ..then donate it buy Bibles
get a tax number and build your blog ..I know you want control of the ads I get that it would be the one thing and has that has kept me from starting a VLOG on Youtube ..but I think if we keep pushing for control of the content there must be a way to do that?

anyway GROW!!!! how fun and I am just so very happy for you how wonderful this is YAY!!!!!!

you will be doing good no matter what you choose you do you spread amazing messages directly or indirectly you can not be anyone but you HEATHER! and we love YOU! SPANK

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