Monday, November 21, 2016

Everything that comes out of a can

Well, the house is fine today.  If anything, I think I "would need" to worry about it getting robbed on Sunday.  I was going to go to church next Sunday but I think not. 

That reminds me, I need to watch the sermon.  I didn't get to watch it on Sunday.  It's always an interesting paradox, do I do my God Time or watch the sermon?  Ideally, both.  In this case I did my God Time.  I think talking to God direct trumps (pardon the term) getting instructed. 

The other day, someone on a prophecy board mentioned an obscure passage about a little horn.  I immediately knew it was Daniel.  A quick search proved me right and I was able to post a link to the scripture.  THAT's why (one of the reasons) I do my God time. 

I didn't do it this morning, though.  I was exhausted.  My period has been going (very lightly) for 10 days now.  I think I'm anemic.  From what I hear cycles like this are the big push to the end.  Good, sort of. 

I will need to accelerate my weight loss and get that mostly done before I hit menopause, because I hear it is nearly impossible to lose once menopause occurs.  I've got a clock ticking for weight loss. 

"I've got so much pressure on my back..."  But don't we all?  Really? 

I don't know anyone with what I would consider to be an easy life.  I believe the ones who convey that are fronting.  I pride myself on my honesty. 

It may be grim hearing about Ron's latest blackout (the portion control cups seem to be preventing them for now), or my latest problem, but I think it's important to share my real struggles and how I am overcoming them. 

I need to be in bed right now, but I'm not, because I think this is important. 

So, I got up, just took my shower, got dressed, went to work.  We got the delivery.  I couldn't really do the stocking because I lacked inventory.  I made a list of the stuff I DID have.  I find that more helpful. 

Someone once said I am good at logistics and supply.  I thought that was cool. 

We went to the warehouse and I got all my stuff, plus Ron's.  I remembered to get some drinks he had forgotten so I ended up on his good list. 

We had a little time before Chuck was due so I bought Ron a hot dog, I believe that's the only thing he's eaten today (AGH!).  I need to remind him to eat something beneficial, like a V-8, some protein, or both. 

I ordered 2 churros and was given a frozen yogurt.  She was really busy so I just took it.  It was pretty good but I did get a brain freeze.  I hate that. 

NO headache today, but my back is a little tired. 

I went outside, found one of my "boyfriends" (cart attendant) who loaded the truck.  We went to work.  I got the carts (the mag-liner wouldn't stay shut, very aggravating, it took me a while to fix it), and brought them outside. 

I loaded them.  Ron helped by climbing in the truck bed and shoving small items at me.  We got it all in the building. 

They were having some sort of training so we had a bunch of people without security badges wandering around.  They had gone to lunch when I brought all my stuff in the building. 

I got everything in the back and began stocking a whole lot of candy bars.  I hadn't even finished when the repairman called.  Good.  We got him in the building and he began work.  I went back to the candy bars. 

He finished up, tested it to prove it worked, and charged us $200.  Sigh.  It could have been worse but I was really hoping for $85.  This must be how a car person feels at the mechanic. 

I took him out and came back.  We didn't have much time.  I managed to get everything stuffed into the stockroom and locked up.  Ron locked up his wheelchair (we don't want people using it for seating, or taking it away). 

On our way out, I went out backwards with Ron, so he wouldn't ram the [glass] security door.  One of the trainees leapt at us, grabbing at the door, trying to follow us out.  I removed Ron from the doorway and grabbed the door out of their hands, shutting it.  I'm not allowed to let people in or out, and they ought to know that.  They started (2 of them) yelling at me and I just turned and left.  They know they are supposed to wait for a manager to let them out.  If there is an emergency there is a fire door.  As I left, I heard them whining at management we wouldn't let them out. 

Good, go ahead and "tell".  "Heather takes security seriously".  It's not about being polite, it's about having a secure building.  If you are supposed to be here, you will have a badge.  If you don't have a badge you are a manager's problem, not mine.  I'm not losing our business because you couldn't wait 5 minutes to have a smoke. 

One thing you must always remember when it comes to a secure building: an armed man went to my Dad's workplace and killed 7 people, because, in part, they didn't have good security.  I'm not having anything like that on my head. 

They gave me the "special access" pass because we have hand carts, and Ron is in a wheelchair.  The other entrances are all turnstiles.  Try that in a wheelchair!  LOL  I'm not going to abuse my security pass.   I was told, more than once, we will be asked to leave if I do. 

I was mad enough when a custodian, whom I know very well, grabbed the door and shoved his way in behind us, earlier today.  And I know the man.  I also know he had his own badge to get in that door, but he was just lazy or maybe he wanted to pull my tail. 

About that time paratransit called and Ron told them we were coming.  We went out. 

We got picked up around 2.  Our next pickup was not due to come out until 2:45.  The driver fixed that so we could go straight home and we did. 

I went straight to bed.  I woke up around 5-6.  I did my God Time and ate half a can of "Sweet Potato Casserole".  One can was bulging, so I threw it out.  I don't want botulism. 

The cats were very interested in my "good" can, but not after they smelled it.  I think they figure everything that comes out of a can must be cat food. 

We work tomorrow.  We were hoping for a short day but I don't think that's going to happen.  The coffee machine is also misbehaving.  I need to figure that out at some point if I have the time. 

I sure hope I sleep well tonight. 

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spankadoo said...

Hi there sounds like you survived your party and things are "ok" .My life and technology both took a dump and I am struggling but still come read when I can I just am unable to comment much. Ever forward I guess sending you Ron and the kittykins much love

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