Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Strange dreams

As you may know, I have a cat door.  They don't have much "outside" due to the confines of the catio but they have fun. 

Biscuit came in last night, after I had gone to bed, emitting the "proud meow".  The proud meow generally indicates someone has caught a living "treat" and is bringing it in for playtime. 

I wasn't too worried.  I heard him playing with it.  Then I heard some rustling near the head of my bed.  I don't have a headboard so I was a little concerned.  Then I felt it -whatever it was- in my hair.  I flicked it off. 

I still don't know what it was but it's gone now.  I think Biscuit finished it off after my encounter. 

Surprisingly, I slept OK after that. 

I got up early and went to Walmart.  Ron was very moody and debilitated.  He said he hadn't slept well. 

I bought him a natural sleep aid, and some Valerian root.  That is a good one if you have sleep troubles.  It was pretty cheap, too. 

My only caveat on the Valerian would be the strange dreams. 

I also got some cheese, lunch meat, stuff like that.  I had plenty of mayo and bread for sandwiches.  Sandwiches aren't very fancy but they do the trick - I can always take my medication with a sandwich. 

I got a new scale, my old one isn't working.  I got Ron's sleep aid stuff and some other supplies. 

We came home.  I put everything away and took a nap.  I had a good one. 

I got up and watched a movie with Ron.  He has been bugging me to watch it for a while now.  It was pretty good but the one actress didn't go anywhere (after the movie).  That was her one hit wonder. 

I got online, one of my friends' daughter's is pregnant again.  She isn't married. 

On the one hand I am happy for them (she is in a relationship), but on the other hand I have to wonder, why not get married if you are already living together?  Totally outside of the spiritual aspects of it, it would provide a lot more stability for the kids. 

I don't pretend to understand todays sociological structures.  The saddest thing to me is the concept of a Baby Daddy or Baby Mama.  That's just sad. 

I remember, when I was a kid, not that long ago, being so shocked by a girl from my school.  Not only were her parents living together, they didn't go to church.  That, to me, was just astounding. 

These days, a married hetero couple attending church would be the anomaly. 

Anyway, an early day tomorrow so off to bed.  Have a good one.

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Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

Have a good evening Heather ( still a bit spinny but better, yeah decongestants huh?)

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