Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dad's last day in Houston (for a while)

Today was Dad's last day in Houston.  For a while, at least. 

I got up early and took my shower, then did my God time.  I finished that up and watched a little "Law and Order" before they texted me to let me know they were outside. 

Ron didn't want to go to church, he was feeling lazy, so I put the live feed on my computer and set it up for Ron, who was on the exercise bike.  I showed him the volume control for my computer but asked him not to touch the keyboard. 

I left.  We got to church early so we went to Starbucks.  I had a Venti hot chocolate.  It was very chocolatey.  I enjoyed it. 

We went back to church, which was about to start.  My aunt found a solitary old man sitting in a corner and chatted him up. 

The pastor came by, saw us, and talked a little bit.  Dad told him all about my adoptive grandmother's troubles.  Her boyfriend/companion is doing very poorly now but she is improving.  His son will have to make some decisions, soon. 

Later on, my family said it reminded them of my troubles after Ron's accident.  There's the loved one, the "wife" for all intents and purposes, but she doesn't get to make any legal decisions.  That's up to the "blood" family (in this case, the man's son).  Apparently right now they are on the same page and I hope that continues.  It is awful to feel so powerless in a situation like that. 

I don't know why they didn't get married.  It's not my business.  I know my mother never married after her 7th husband died because she was afraid of losing his benefits (he was a veteran).  As far as I know my mother never encountered a situation like I did with Ron.  If anything, the boyfriend of the moment probably called my sister to come help when mother had a meltdown. 

We went into church.  I didn't cry as much during the songs.  Every now and then, my Dad would put his hand on my shoulder, which I found very sweet.  I have always known he loved me.  I had issues with other things, but I always knew he loved me.  And I'm on my own now so those other issues aren't that big a deal anymore. 

The sermon was good, Revelation again.  I liked it (later on, Ron told me he found it "boring" and "the same thing").  On my way out of the sanctuary, I ran into a guy who helped us with our home repair back in 2012.  I told him Ron was at home, watching the computer from his exercise bike.  He laughed. 

We left and went out to lunch.  We went to the BBQ place again, it's the third time I took Dad, but it's excellent food and safe.  The last thing we need is another family member with food poisoning (that's what got my adoptive grandmother and her companion).  Everyone enjoyed their meal. 

My aunt was served a massive baked potato with chopped chicken.  The potato was nearly the size of her head.  She had plenty of leftovers.  My uncle and Dad got brisket.  I got pancakes. 

We had a good time and came home.  They came in and I showed them the catio.  Ron was wearing his pants.  My uncle (the only one who really likes cats) got to meet mine, well, he saw Biscuit as Biscuit fled under the bed.  Biscuit is terrified of strangers.  I tend to see that as a good thing.  He had a rough experience to start, dumped in the woods, physically abused by people at the bus stop, etc. 

Torbie and Baby Girl had better experiences with people, and are friendlier.  They said hello to my uncle.  My uncle kept getting Baby Girl and Torbie mixed up.  Everyone does that.  Torbie is fatter, and oranger.  They both have green eyes and are primarily brown tabbies. 

The humans left and I took a nap.  Well, I tried.  #6 sent the kids outside to play, and as you may know my bedroom wall is the property line.  The kids like to play by the bedroom wall (they don't have much play space).  I still managed to nap a little in spite of it. 

I finally got up around 4:30.  I got online. 

Ron's still asleep so I'll leave him alone.  He tends to run nocturnal, except when he was in the rehab hospital. 

I plan to check my email (I am really bad about doing that) and go to bed early.  Tomorrow will be a very busy day. 

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Anonymous said...

I am just now catching up I have been offline for a few days (not that I think that matters to anyone LOL) anyway I it is 6am and you have me drooling for BBQ !
I may not get to comment this has been a really rough week I am trying to figure out what to do I stay or go. I feel like i have everthing in the you a very simple person happy with a ride, food in my tummy and a roof over my head.

but I am feeling the strain of this marraige to the point it is making me sick ..loose loose to even think things are going to "get better" for me Aspergers is what it is and becuase my husband has it to the extreme ..I have to suck it up and like you make the world brighter when I can and deal when I can .

I am sure I am not as strong as you, but also fatigued and sick after having breast cancer a couple of years ago .

I just dont know I read your blogs have for years because we are "kindreds" from afar ..while our challenges are different and we are different ..we have so much in common when it comes to our core values.

so who knows right now I am anemic and tired hoping for energy and to just get the amount of house work I need to do today ..first however I am catching up with Heather ..I was trying to figure out how long I have followed you ? do you know the date you left LCF ? I followed you there because I liked your writing you and our dear departed "Zer" it seemed a "friendly corner" in a strange board of "rules for some but not for all" ....nd it is almost a decade right ? since the LCF board...I was not on there long it was not helpful but I enjoyed the blogging and you Zer and a few others were fun to follow...I have not been back we both left at the same time ..I left because I recieved several slaps on the wrist for some of my posts...and I know why you left...and my other friends was just a strange board is all ....

anyway I am waxing nostalgic ..I may not have time to comment right now but I am going to catch up and read ..Heather I know you struggle with so much and am so glad you went alone to this event it was good for both of you..I am just now realizing I MUST make a life away from the husband or if/when/ whatever something happens I do not want to be one of those crazy woman with no support system

as a person who has always found it hard to just go make friends? I am forcing myself out a person of limited means do something for my community ..not just for others but to also make and find friends I am tired of the struggle with my husband even with simple conversations ...and so so lonely yup it is time for Spankadoo to do Spankadoo ...and good to see Heather doing heather ..

OMGOODNESS this is a long comment ...I am sorry ..I wanted to ask is your dad stil in know my father was a doctor I thikn and i lost my real mother at 3 (she died) my step mother was not as kind as friend commented once that I was like "Cinderella" and she has borderline personality (now it is dementia) .
sending you tons of love and peace

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