Sunday, October 30, 2016


Retching into the kitchen sink, tears running down my face, gasping for breath around the bile in my mouth, I cursed the migraine.  This was the second time I had gotten sick in the sink and I was getting tired of it. 

I never understood the whole "kneeling on the floor by the toilet to vomit" routine.  I'm already vomiting, you're going to make me kneel on top of that?  No, I prefer a bucket.  Failing that, give me a nice sink.  The kitchen sink did the job admirably.  Thank God I had gotten rid of the dirty dishes. 

I woke up around 1 AM with a nasty headache.  As you may know, Tylenol and other NSAIDS interact with my medication and are not advised, so I took some aspirin. 

I can't take Imitrex or other drugs like it because I am at risk for heart attacks, I am overweight and I have a family history on both sides.  Not suggested at all. 

My aunt, who is very thin, can take it. 

Anyway, I took the aspirin and went back to bed.  It helped a little, but I woke up again at 5:30.  I took some more.  It wasn't helping.  I took some Phenergan (antinausea drug that helps me relax a little), and began vomiting. 

That's a bad headache, when I'm vomiting up the Phenergan.  I wasn't sure how much I had absorbed so I resolved to wait on another dose. 

I went up to the kitchen to get some ice water.  Bad call. 

I was vomiting in my bucket and in the kitchen sink, without rest.  I'm surprised my abdominal muscles aren't killing me today.  Lots of vomiting. 

Ron didn't hear a thing.  I guess that is good.  I sound pretty wretched when I'm vomiting. 

I managed to take a shower and lie down a while.  Odds were pretty strong #6 was going to have a party (more on that later), and a local venue was having some kind of "Wicked Festival".  They had one, one year that was so loud we could hear the bass in the house.  It was really bad.  Both good reasons to go to work that night. 

Work is open 24/7.  Why not go make some money instead of shaking my fist in the air?  When I could, I took a Phenergan suppository and that managed to work pretty well.  It took the edge off my headache enough that I drank some small sips of water (which I hadn't been able to tolerate before).  I worked my way up to some small sips of Mountain Dew - I hadn't had any caffeine and I figured caffeine withdrawal was probably playing a factor in my headache (that's the problem with using caffeine, you can't stop it cold turkey without a headache).  I drank a little, drank a little more, pretty soon I had finished the bottle. 

That's when I really started to feel better, just in time for work. 

It is exhausting helping Ron at work.  I have to do most of the lifting for him, in addition to all I was doing before.  I have to do my job and a lot of his. 

Happily, we had scheduled plenty of time for the party.  We didn't want to be home during the worst of it. 

As it turns out, I don't think #6 had the party.  I don't think it is a birthday party, but, rather, a Halloween party.  I think he and another family member alternate hosting the party every year, kind of like his all-nighter Christmas eve party.  He didn't have it this year. 

I would expect him to have it next year.  The big question, for me, is the Christmas eve party.  Are they having it?  Usually he alternates every year, one year on, one year off.  He had not one, but two, Christmas parties last year, so I would expect this to be the "off" year.  I hope so.  We shall see. 

Anyway, work was exhausting.  Ron had to lay down on the floor again.  I begged him to use the sleeping bag I had brought "So people know this is intentional, and you didn't fall out of your wheelchair".  Last time, I had 2 people come and tell me I had to rescue Ron because he had "fallen out of his wheelchair".  He compromised and turned his wheelchair around backwards so people could see he hadn't fallen. 

It did work.  I stocked bottled water while he did that. 

He laid down for about 5 minutes and stretched out his back, then he got up and did the rest of the bottled sodas (about 3 cases). 

We finished up and came home.  It was quiet.  Some people were clearly having parties but they weren't disturbing us.  Thank you. 

[My subdivision] "A quiet place to live"

Unless #6 is having a party. 

I went to bed pretty early and took a while falling asleep.  I still have vestiges of a headache but I will still take my medication (it can flip the switch on a headache). 

I also have to take a shower, do my God Time (you came first today), and do up the rest of the Halloween candy for tomorrow night. 


Anonymous said...

I think you are doing the best that you can under the daily circumstances. You have quite a load to carry all around. I have had Tylenol put me over the toilet, I don't take it now without benedryl, and that only at night, because it makes me sleepy. We have to pick and choose side effects, like you said. Sometimes we just have to let the Lord carry the load. He loves you. Hugs and prayers.

Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

Omg i puked this week as well! Mine was allergies/ vertigo..but stilll, sonds like the worst passed, doing littke time online because i am still spinny. Ooooxxxx

Heather Knits said...

I had a bad episode of vertigo years ago, it was awful. It turns out my ear tubes were clogged up, a decongestant helped a lot. ((((Hugs)))

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