Thursday, September 1, 2016

Two more pop up

Well, even an off day isn't boring. 

I wasn't very hungry for dinner last night, so I had a shake.  Apparently I am lactose intolerant, as, for the second time, I was wracked with horrid abdominal cramps after consuming a dairy product.  I was up, off and on, for most of the night. 

That was pretty awful but at least it was only cramps.  I have had food poisoning more than once and that's all I will say on that. 

I got up, groggy, around 8.  I did my God Time and took my shower, turning the fan (we are using a floor fan to dry the ceiling in the bathroom) on to dry the ceiling so we don't get mold. 

Eventually, Rick the Electrician will come by and install a "proper" vent fan.  I look forward to it. 

Ron tried to guilt me into watching a movie with him.  I told him I had to clean out the laundry room to make room for the new washer and dryer.  He lost his temper and said he hoped he did die during surgery, he was going to die, and it was going to be my fault because I wouldn't watch movies with him. 

Times like that I remember the head injury. 

I got the laundry room cleaned out as best I could, and it's a good thing.  They called over 2 hours early, saying they were on the way.  I was hungry by this point so I ordered a pizza. 

Well, actually, I ordered cheesy bread (I hope I don't regret that, but cheese doesn't have a lot of lactose), and a medium pizza with double pepperoni.  I figured, if the timing worked out, I could give the pizza to the deliverymen. 

And that's just what happened.  They came in, whisked away the old units, and assuaged my fears about the hoses being mislabeled.  He tested it and made sure the "hot" water really was hot.  I left them alone as they connected everything and they did a good job.  They tested the units before the left. 

I had some wet pillowcases, which I put in the dryer.  It did the job. 

I have some assorted, not-really-dirty clothes in the washer.  I found them in the laundry room and they are "good", just need a wash and hang up. 

Ron is in the midst of a blackout and shouting at me to "find the lever" to "fold up" the kitty condo.  He scraped his knee, too, at some point. 

Anyway, when the clothes are done I will see how the washer did.  I remain hopeful it will work out.  People either hated it or loved it, in the online reviews. 

I do have to say it is far quieter than my old unit.  Some people were complaining it was loud.  They would have loathed my old unit. 

And one of the haul away guys asked if he could take my old units (and refurbish them).  I said yes, and explained the problems with each.  Good luck finding the parts, they are over 15 years old.  It makes me happy to know that someone will try to put them back in service. 

I wonder where they'll end up? 

I think it's doing a spin cycle now.  That sounds the same, apparently, no matter what kind of unit you have. 

From what I hear, clothes come out of the new washers, almost dry.  That should be interesting, and mean a shorter dry time as well. 

Good, it's hot.  I don't want to run the dryer any longer than I have to. 

I also got all the washing machine cleaner stuff "you" need to maintain an HE washer.  I also read I should leave the top up, always.  Easy enough to do. 

I haven't been too excited about my new units because I kept thinking of all the things that could go wrong.  Now that it's set up and working, I'm feeling happier. 

After the installers left I took a nap.  I was joined by Torbie and Biscuit.  I had some nightmares (understandable, lately), but slept a couple of hours. 

When I woke up Ron was on the floor.  He had me running the last 10 minutes or so, as he had a sudden, manic, urge to clean out his closet.  I helped him a little.  I'd rather he ask for help, and yell at clutter, than shriek profanities at me and tear me down.

[sigh]  Sad that's my choice. 

Ron is, of course, scared shitless by the surgery.  Who wouldn't be?  He is drinking to compensate but he can't do that.  It will mess with the medication. 

He didn't react well when I told him he couldn't drink the night before his surgery.  I guess he will have to hear if from the medical peeps. 

Tomorrow we "just" go for testing, EKG, possible X-ray, bloodwork.  Maybe some urine but I doubt it. 

Then, lunch, and home again. 

Saturday will be work.  I think it will do us both good to take our mind off his surgery. 

My only real worry at present is the paratransit renewal.  They said his service expires on the 6th, and he was told he would get his approval letter on the 6th, to 2 weeks later.  So we may need to have them extend his service somehow.  I don't know how to do that, talk to customer service? 

I would have Ron do it now, but he's drunk.  Happily he is quiet but I don't want to aggravate him and I definitely don't want him talking to the people in charge of our transit. 

[sigh]  I feel like I battle one anxiety, and two more pop up.  It's tiring. 

Yes, I turn everything over to Jesus on "the regular", but I still have to grapple with it before I turn it over.  Anxieties are "sticky" and don't like to go, kind of like those burrs you get on your clothes sometimes. 

Those rascals can go through the washer and dryer and STILL be attached. 

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Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

I know when i am under stress i appreciate list of tips from a ahare so much about how you nvigate with mental illness ..allow me to offer back
Yes start with customer service , eat and be cam, do it when Ron is sibdued
put calm music on a plan for the worst runaround, but hope for the best.

When i feel that ball tighten in my stomach and think my axiety will get the best of me, i choose two words ( maybe two of your favorite God words, say one in your brain on inhale, one on exhale, i do this by inhaling metally a long "keeeeeerrp" exhale " calmmmmmmm" long exhale fill your brain loudly with those two words, " god bless" is what my friend uses...fill your brain so full of those two words with out saying them out loud of course! Lol! Omg i have done that at work, not received as i had hoped!

So i wont overload but wanted to share, maybe call your ahrink let him know you have " extra pressure" he can maybe adjust or give you a different protocol of adjustment?
I am full of advice, but feel i want to offer something and if one thing helps in a bad moment? Anxiety, pardon my language fucked! My husband and i both suffer and an agitated, preop hubby doesn't help

But you have to laugh he said he was going to die if you didnt watch a movie with him? You are good not to take this seriously, a saint to talk it at all!

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