Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Let the store, store it.

Big news first, Ron is having his operation on September 7. 


This morning I got up a little late, 7:37 by my alarm (I had set my alarm for 7 but forgot to turn it on), took my shower, did my God Time. 

I started cleaning out the laundry room.  I have a lot of crap in there and I need to sort out the good stuff so I can keep it.  That means, tossing all the bad stuff. 

I have tried to save old stained clothes for rags, but it's just not practical.  What works a lot better for me, just buying rags when I need them.  Let the store, store it. 

We went to Walmart.  I got everything on my list (some daily-type pads for when I am spotting, stuff like that), but totally forgot to get cottage cheese and yogurt.  I did remember to get some candy for the installers tomorrow. 

They're coming in mid-afternoon, so we'll see how that goes.  I am a little worried they might reverse the hoses when they hook up the washer, I plan to ask them to make sure so I don't have any dramas. 

Ron had brought his wheelchair so I left him up front while I shopped.  Little did I know he called the surgeon, asking when he could get the operation, as he was sick of the debility and troubles.  Doc's staff replied they could "do" him on September 7th. 

They hung up, and then the doctor's staff called Ron back; Ron needed to go to the hospital and do preadmission blood work and other testing.  OK. 

I called my aunt.  She answered, poor thing.  I explained our situation and she offered to take us to the hospital for the preadmission blood work, and also the day of surgery.  That is a huge gift.  I will remind you that a one way cab ride is $66.  We're not sure about fitting the wheelchair in the trunk, but either it will work or it won't.  If it doesn't work we can use the walker instead, Ron can sit on it and I can push him.  She's been there before "helping other patients". 

So, that's done.  Our driver can help me with trips to and from the hospital.  I am certain my aunt does not want to drive 100 miles round trip every day just so I can see Ron.  Chuck lives closer to the hospital and doesn't mind. 

I also took the garbage, and recycling, out so that's done.  They came and took it while I was at work. 

Ron and I went to work in the afternoon.  It was pretty unremarkable except for a woman who said she had lost $5, twice, in the bill changer.  I paid her refund, figuring if she's lying God (you might call it karma) will get her. 

I got yelled at by several people who got dimes and nickels in their "change" from the bill changer.  When Ron takes money out of the vending machines, he puts it in a bucket.  When he sorts the change into "only" quarters, "only" dimes, etc., it also goes into a bucket.  Ron mixed up the buckets. 

Boy, they were pissed.  I paid the refunds so everyone is happy.  Ron did sodas and I did snacks, food, and coffee, in addition to helping him with sodas. 

I feel pretty confident I can assume Ron's duties when he's out, my only concern's that he will try to overexert himself during the healing process.  You can't do that.  You won't have a good result, but Ron is stubborn. 

I am dead serious in saying I might need to get a handcuff for him to fasten him to the wheelchair and make certain he can't do any stocking.  It will drive him nuts but I think that's the only way I can have Ron at work during the healing process. 

We worked a long time, so long Ron had to cancel our pickup.  After he did that, we decided to call Chuck to pick us up, and go to dinner too. 

We did that.  We had a good time and a very attentive waiter. 

When we got home, I put away the garbage cans as Ron waited in the wheelchair.  We could hear Biscuit crying for us, in the house.  He's so cute.  Biscuit, that is. 

We went in, I had a little difficulty getting the wheelchair up over the step and across the threshold.  Ron was unhappy about that.  He "doesn't like to see [me] strain". 

Well, I signed up for it, and if all goes well, we won't be doing this for long. 

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Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

Yay! I am so happy for both of you! I have a great feeling his back will improve.cant you use a hospital wheelchair? I wouldnt bring anything just drive to the door and put him in a chair. Olease keep us posted! Good luck to Ron , please let them know he may detox? For his sake they need that info

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