Monday, September 26, 2016

Ah, Monday

"This is why" Ron told me bitterly "You're so fat.  Do you ever stop eating?" 

I was shocked.  I had simply given him my half-eaten protein breakfast bar, to hold, while I pushed his wheelchair out of the house.  I reminded him that I have to take my medication with food, but he made a disparaging comment. 

It was pretty representative of the last couple days.  You may have wondered why I didn't post yesterday.  1.  I had to work.  2.  I had a migraine. 

Ever had to unload a truck load of 50 cases of merchandise, in the bright sun, heat, and humidity, with a migraine?  It's hell. 

I did it because it had to be done.  I went to the warehouse, loaded everything onto the cart (not fun), I had help loading the truck (praise God), had to unload the truck pretty much on my own, and get everything into the building on my own.  Then I had to stock.  Hundreds of candy bars.  Help Ron with lifting and moving things. 

All.  With.  A.  Migraine. 

Most medications don't work or are contraindicated for larger women with family histories of heart disease.  I can take Phenergan but I didn't have it with me.  :( 

I had already maxed out on caffeine and Excedrin for the day. 

Anyway, in spite of all my problems, I did it all and did it well.  The vending machines looked pretty good, considering. 

We came home.  I leapt for my Phenergan and crawled into bed. 

This morning I woke up a little late, I was a little groggy from the headache.  I took my shower and got dressed. 

We went to work, after my little interlude with Ron that I already mentioned. 

I was pretty upset at Ron.  I am also aggravated by his whole "good communication" thing.  I will explain something to him and he says "You need to use good communication"  I can communicate, just fine, thank you very much.  You understand every word I write.  My verbal communication is no different.  He does it, I think, as a way of slapping me down. 

No one likes to be told, constantly, they can't communicate.  Then, sometimes, he will do this "Oh, good communication!" in this "approving", condescending manner "You finally got the words out, go you!"  VERY insulting. 

I have chosen not to bring it up with him.  If he knows it upsets me he will continue to do it.  Hopefully he will get tired of it and move on to some other form of insulting me. 

He just bothered me again, asking me to "research wheelchair bus transportation".  I told him to call 1-800-GREYHOUND and find out for himself.  "They don't do that!"  "Why don't you call and find out for yourself?"  Even if I did look it up, they're just going to refer me to the number. 

So, we got to work.  We had two main things happening besides the stock.  1.  We had sandwiches coming and 2.  We had a vending machine coming.  The machine we refer to as soda #1 has a poor coin entry design.  The coins jam, causing very unhappy customers. 

We wanted another machine (we borrow them from Dr Pepper as part of our contract, we fill the machine with 80% their product, and buy at least 30 (more like 60!) cases of soda from them every month), so they arranged to have it come this morning. 

It arrived promptly at 8, a nice looking Vendo V721.  When they took away my old machine, they tipped it onto the dolly, draining the drip pan contents onto the floor.  I had about a gallon of water all over the floor, in the doorway. 

Work has instituted some new cleaning procedures.  I can no longer go to the custodial closet and get a mop and bucket.  No, they have to be checked out and kept in the custody of the custodians. 

I was stuck on my hands and knees, with a couple large rolls of papertowels., people yelling at me for "blocking" the doorway, and then sandwiches calls.  I begged him to wait a couple minutes and continued to mop as best I could.  I created a huge barricade out of "wet floor" signs and ran out to get the sandwiches. 

On my way back, a manager demanded to know what had happened.  I told him, telling him I had to go so I could finish cleaning it up. 

Don't worry, he told me, he would get someone to help. 

The whole time, the TV in the cafeteria is blaring because Houston had a shooting today.  I am so sick of hearing about it. 

"If it bleeds, it leads" and boy were they leading the news with the story.  I hardly even saw a weather report. 

I went back to my mopping after I gave the other vendors their sandwich order (I pick up both orders).   Finally, one of the older custodians showed up and began mopping.  He finished in a few minutes and left. 

About 15 minutes after that, the custodian assigned to our area showed up, put all the wet floor signs in a dry area, did a small mop (about 9 square feet), than sat down, feigning exhaustion. 

Ron knocked over a wet floor sign and asked me to move them.  I did.  She got upset.  I touched the floor. 

"The floor is dry now" I told her. 

"If you want a break" Ron told her "Why don't you just take it, without cluttering up my vending machines?"  She picked up all the signs and went back to whatever she was supposed to be doing. 

In the meantime, I had a new vending machine.  I installed the lock (thank you God, that went easy) and got the meter reading (equally easy).  Ron decided to do things the "hard way" and took cold sodas out of the other vending machines, putting them into the still-warm new vending machine. 

I finished doing chips and I have to say the vending machines looked great when I left.  I even helped Ron replace "cold" drinks in the fridge. 

Finally done.  I was exhausted.  All the stress of getting a new machine (you'd think it would be a fun thing), the drama, all of it. 

I also decided I am buying my OWN mop, to keep in the stockroom.  I am tired of having to clean up messes without proper tools.  Ron dropped a soda today.  It could very easily have burst, creating a huge mess, and it would have been back to me on my hands and knees with the paper towels. 

At least they don't lock those up.  I have no idea where I will keep the mop but I will find a place. 

We came home, we had a good ride.  I took a nap. 

I slept for a couple hours.  I had a dream about having a dream, and looking for my glasses.  I got up. 

I still haven't done my God Time yet.  I think I will eat and take my pills first. 

I'm also running a load of laundry, and I probably need to clean the litter box. 

Ah, Monday. 

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Melanie said...

God bless you Heather, and give you strength sufficient unto each day. God bless Ron too, I know he has a lot to bear, and you get the brunt of his pain, his frustration, etc. I know how it is to love a difficult man, and I don't forget that with most of them, the good outweighs the bad (to a point, at times). The best thing I take from your blog posts is that, through it all, you remain faithful to Jesus our Savior.

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