Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Today we went to the hospital. 

My aunt picked us up, I stuffed the wheelchair in the trunk, and off we went.  She had some trouble parking but managed to find a spot. 

In the meantime, Ron and I "went to the bathroom".  It was pretty much a single stall + urinal so I went in with Ron, got him in the stall, and left.  I stood outside the door. 

I found my aunt and we checked in and began waiting.  They gave us a restaurant-style pager, the kind with the lights, that vibrates.  Pretty soon it went off. 

Then we checked in, proved who we were, and signed some forms.  We waited some more. 

Then it was off to the blood draw.  That's all they did, drew some blood to match in case he has a complication.  They gave him his wristband (he needs it for the cross match if he requires blood); he can't take it off until after the surgery. 

Then we waited some more.  Ron was getting impatient but knows he needs the surgery.  I think both of us were recalling his misery on Friday. 

Then we got the preadmission nurse.  She took his blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen.  She reviewed his medical history and entered some information into the computer. 

She gave me preoperative instructions, and some antibacterial wash for Ron.  He has to shower with it, twice, prior to his surgery.  He will not be happy about that. 

While at the hospital, I scattered various "Bible Promise Books" in the waiting areas. 

Then, all done, we decided to go out for a late lunch/early dinner.  We decided on Cracker Barrel.  My aunt got the catfish, and loved it.  I got chicken fried steak, so did Ron.  He ate too much and is in bed moaning about just that. 

We had a good lunch.  Then she dropped us at home. 

I put away my stuff.  But wait a minute, where is the all-important preoperative paperwork?  I had a good panic over that, prayed about it, and finally found it on my Bible Promise books near the front door.  Not sure how that happened. 

Anyway, I put the instructions, along with the antibacterial wash, into a bag over where I keep my medication, I'm sure to see it there. 

Ron is in bed with his vibrating massager. 

I'm about to go to bed.  Tomorrow's going to be a long day. 

We'll make it. 

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Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

Waitnwhat?.. Is he going to surgery tomorrow? I missed it maybe? Take care good luck and speedy recovery for both of you!

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