Friday, September 16, 2016

$138. Or $139

Well, our driver was late, our pickup early, and we had a long line at the pharmacy.  I'm lucky I had time to get my pills. 

For whatever reason, they called the pharmacist to consult with my medication.  I don't know why.  She was still laughing at my "Mood stabilizers, the secret of my happy marriage" comment. 

I did get some shampoo, cat food, and a six pack of Mountain Dew.  Chips (or "crisps"), stuff like that.  Not much, really. 

I had already spent $138 on medication, and that's minus the Depakote.  $139 if you count the anti-gas medication. 

I meant to get some Halloween candy, and try on some rings (cheap ones, just to get an idea of my size, maybe buy one of the $20 titanium rings), but I didn't have time. 

Our ride was early, but a driver I like.  I tease her about Biscuit being her boyfriend because she likes him. 

We got home, I put away my soy milk, and laid down in bed while Ron chatted on the phone.  I let him go about 15 minutes, he kept getting louder and louder. I finally reminded him I was taking a nap and he said he had to go or I would become a "monster and eat [him]". 

Ah, no. 

I laid in bed with Torbie, and Biscuit joined me, flopping on my legs.  He's such a sweet boy.  I had a good nap. 

I forgot to mention, last night I woke up facing Torbie in bed, gently holding her paw.  And she let me. 

I really know some awesome cats, let me tell you.  I can't say enough about them. 

I had a good nap, which I needed.  Tomorrow will be a hectic day. 

I got up and fed Biscuit and Baby Girl, putting their new food on the stack of cat-food-cases I already have stacked on the table.  I like to keep things simple, and I don't want to run out of cat food. 

For instance, today at Walmart, they were totally out of the catnip treats. 

I saw that neighbor cat again, it was pacing around outside the catio.  Biscuit ran out in the catio and the cat left.  I guess Biscuit has staked his claim. 

I wonder if Biscuit peed on the wire mesh to mark his territory? 

The neighbor cat is a little overweight and has a beautiful coat, so I'm not worried about it.  It probably used to come in the house before we had the catio built. 

Biscuit seemed a little insecure when he came back in, so I reminded him he's my cat, and I'm not getting any more.  No other cat was going to eat his nums.  He purred at me and left to greet Ron. 

I need to go to bed in about 45 minutes.  Off I go. 

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