Monday, September 5, 2016

Worrying again

People, talking to Ron, are "helpfully" warning him not to "burn me out", telling him he's going to have a very long recovery, telling him I won't be able to run the business, etc. 

Congratulations.  Now Ron is afraid to get surgery. 

Great.  I hope you can read the sarcasm here. 

Anyway, here's what people don't get: I'm already busting my ass for Ron, with his back trouble.  All they are doing is condemning me to more, and longer, "servitude".  Do you know how hard it is to get the wheelchair out of the house?  Into the house?  Who does all the lifting at work anyway?  That's right - me! 

Ugh.  I am furious.  It is very frustrating to prepare myself mentally for all this and then to suddenly have it turned on it's head.  Since he's getting worse, it's my fear he will have a complication right before the conference we have to attend, or during our busy season. 

If he has an emergency, he won't be able to have the "good" doctor operate, it will be whoever is on call at the ER.  And we just hope it has a good resolution. 

And I'm worrying again. 



Anonymous said...

You should tell these people to shut the hell up. If they really cared about your being burned out they would offer to help YOU. Yet when is the last time any of this busy bodies asked you how you are doing? People are all talk and rarely will go out of their way to help someone. Instead they do their verbal "helping" which is really just running their mouths and talking out their behinds.

You should ask about rehab for Ron after the surgery. Even if it is just for a few days. Medicare should cover it. The hospital where he will have the surgery should be able to offer some guidance? It really just depends on how mobile he will be right after the surgery, walking, bathing, etc.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you both. Put it all into God's hands, you have enough to do. Yes, I do know how much work everything is for you. My dear hubby is in a w/c for past 40 years. Some days I simply have to change plans many times for what ever comes up. Take each day for the blessing that it is. Praying for a healing outcome to this surgery, and strength for you each day. Thanks for sharing your blog too. JJ

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