Saturday, September 10, 2016

I work Saturdays

I'm exhausted.  I was up all night with wracking abdominal cramps. 

I finally figured out it was the iron supplements.  Oh!  It was awful, wracking pain going on for hours, worst of all not getting any sleep! 

I work Saturdays, so I had to get up.  I got up and did my usual morning routine. 

I got Ron in the wheelchair and off to the warehouse.  He needed a lot of drinks, 30 cases.  I got them, a few things for us, and a few snack items to hold me until next week. 

We went to work and I unloaded.  That was hot and sweaty work.  I got it all into work.  We stocked.  We filled up the fridge (I helped Ron, as he was upset I had done all the work last week). 

We finished up early and called our driver to take us home.  We had enough time to cancel the paratransit pickup, 2.5 hours later. 

I took a nap.  I slept OK considering, #6 put their recycle trash can right next to my bedroom wall, and they were banging around with it earlier, then I heard some thunder which woke me up.  And then.  Biscuit. 

Biscuit joined me in bed, lying in between my legs as if I'd just birthed him.  We stayed like that for a while, but then I needed to roll over.  Biscuit stretched out lengthwise, elongating over almost the entire bottom half of the bed. 

Needless to say it was a little crowded, sleeping with Biscuit.  Torbie sleeps by my left hip, when she sleeps with me.  It's a good spot for both of us. 

I was happy to sleep with ol' Biscuit, bed hog and all.  He's a good boy.  I'm glad he wanted to cuddle. 

I got up and looked at the transport chair I had book marked on  I need something to get Ron in the bathroom.  The bathroom door is only 22 inches wide, too narrow for the wheelchair.  He can "ride" the walker in there but he has to sit up and balance, that may be problematic.  Not to mention, Ron has severe balance issues when he's drinking. 

Some guy just banged on my door offering to cut my lawn, for pay.  Uh, no thanks.  I don't do business with the neighbors, EVER.  I learned my lesson.  I "let" #6 help me with a few things, pretty soon he's wanting to park his van in my driveway and his kids are running amok in my yard.  Nope. 

So, I decided to get the chair.  Ron can get into the bathroom more easily when it arrives.  I don't know how long Ron's going to wait on the surgery.  I don't know how long he can wait.  But while he's waiting, and during his recovery, he can use the transport chair to get himself to the bathroom.

Then we went out to dinner.  The driver who took us there told us how "all the drivers" put alcohol in a takeout cup and then cover it with a mint or some gum.  I was pretty horrified, but didn't show it.  He spoke with some authority on the subject. 

Oh, boy.  I wonder how many drunks I've ridden with. 

We ate our food.  Ron sulked because I wouldn't help him get a second beer (I thought the first beer was gift enough), and asked for an early pickup.  As it turns out, the driver was in the area and could pick us up early. 

We came home, I got Ron in the house, fed the cats, etc. 

Hopefully I will sleep better tonight.  It was awful last night. 

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Anonymous said...

hope you have a better night sleep as well..the light now .the recyle next to your bedrom???? that is for sure a WTF????!!! Heather how could they not know? I keep mine in the garage then take it out quietly no one has to hear it that is just awful ... the picture of you and the kitties in my head? adoreable. still in a holding pattern when our house is done ..we are postponing adoption now it is too hard with all the remodel to expect a new kitty to be comforatble .. we can adopt in the spring and hve a nice new house for them to come home to the catio area is already almost done!

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