Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The spanking end of things

I met the cutest, sweetest, little calico kitten today.  More later. 

Yesterday, without asking me, Ron made a trip to go out for breakfast this morning.  I was pretty annoyed when I saw that. 

I didn't say anything because I had mentioned, days ago, I would like to go out for breakfast.  I just didn't expect him to make the trip without asking. 

Considering everything, I didn't want to have yet another "discussion".  I figured, in the Great Scheme Of Things, it wouldn't matter in a day or even a year, so better to let it drop. 

However, it did mean I had to set my alarm for early. 

I slept OK but I woke up with a headache.  I took some aspirin and drank a Diet Mountain Dew.  I took a shower, washing my hair twice.  It was a greasy, tangled, nest.  Yuck. 

I got ready to go and we left.  We went to Carl's Junior.  We basically had to go because Ron woke up late. 

Paratransit had a lot of trouble with no-shows and late cancellations, so if you do either you get a "bad mark".  If you get 5 bad marks in a month you get a warning letter.  If you get 5 more in any other months of that year, you are suspended for 5 days.  It progresses. 

Ron is already over the limit, thanks to yesterday.  He had 3 bad marks just yesterday.  We can't afford any more. 

A late cancellation is less than 2 hours before the pickup.  All of this, I think, is very reasonable. 

It's just hard to be on the spanking end of it. 

I had a breakfast burger, Ron got something to go and elected to eat it at home. He has his reasons and I can't talk about that unless I get permission. 

I never did find the injury that caused yesterday's bleeding all over.  I guess it couldn't have been too bad. 

We had a pretty good time, and we had a timely ride home.  It was frustrating, though, that a quick breakfast turns into a 2.5 hour trip, total. 

I came home and took a nap.  I slept OK for a while. 

Then Ron called our driver to take me to the pet store.  We needed more cat food. 

I always keep a couple reserve bags, but those are for emergency.  I needed to buy 2 more bags, put the new bags into storage, and give Ron the "emergency" bags.  I like to rotate our stock and keep it fresh. 

Ron feeds the cats, by the way. 

I do wet food, he does dry. 

So, the guy picked me up and took me to the store.  He told me about his disability appeal at the VA. 

We got to the store and he had a look at the cats in cages waiting to be adopted.  One cage had 3 cats, way too tight.  It reminded me of the animal rights people complaining about the conditions for chickens.  I wouldn't have put 3 chickens in that space, much less 3 cats.  But I guess they felt they had to. 

The "owner died" cats looked pretty depressed.  I am praying they all find a good home. 

I got my cat food and got a box of treats.  My friend wanted to look at the doggie daycare dogs. 

We got stuck in line behind a woman with something in a box, buying cat food.  She mentioned she had just rescued a kitten. 

I had to see it.  It was an adorable calico.  I told her it was a calico, and a female, and the woman was impressed.  She was a "new" cat lady.  Her boyfriend had found it, in a box, being tortured by some kids. 

The cat seemed healthy, and was very sweet.  When I let her sniff me she rubbed against my finger and let me pet her, meowing sweetly.  When I got home Biscuit made a big point of scent-marking me where the other cat had been, and demanding petting.  I told him HE was the baby and I wasn't getting anyone else. 

The lady left and I paid.  Grain free cat food isn't cheap, let me tell you.  I was glad I had my "rewards" card. 

I bought 3 bags just to save a trip.  Things are going to get busy, one way or another, in the next couple months.  It will be great not to have to run out and buy cat food. 

I gave Ron the "old" cat food when I got home (it is still well within the freshness date) and put the "new" food in my storage area.  I collected the laundry, pre treated the stains, and put it on the soak cycle with some chlorine-free bleach.  Then I ran a load with it and some Tide. 

Ron is really hard on his clothes, but hopefully this will get the stains out. 

We work tomorrow, but have Thursday off.  Thursday is my birthday.  I don't know what I will do but I plan to have fun. 

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