Friday, September 2, 2016

Hard working washer

Tired today, and I haven't eaten enough protein. 

I got up at 3:30 this morning to help get Ron ready for his trip to the hospital for preadmissions bloodwork and other testing.  My aunt wanted to get 'er done early. 

She came about 6:30, after I had scrubbed Ron and put him in clean clothes, and taken care of my own hygienic needs. 

We went to the hospital.  It is pretty easy for find if you know the exit.  It isn't exactly in the Woodlands, it is in "Shanendoah", which is just north of the Woodlands.  The Woodlands are a very posh neighborhood. 

We waited for a while and filled out paperwork.  Then I filled out a medical history.  More questions about medical history and more things to fill out.  Did Ron want visitors?  Clergy?  Etc.  I got myself corrected to next of kin, not his mother, who doesn't even live at that number anyway. 

They decided, since Ron has had 2 heart-adjacent surgeries, to do an EKG.  I was not surprised and this was the reason I made sure to wash Ron's chest this morning.  They did the blood work and EKG, then let us go. 

About that time, Doc called Ron to tell him (his "girl" called) they were rescheduling the surgery for September 14.  So I have more time.  More time is good, and bad. 

We talked to the preadmissions people and they said Ron will probably have to have more bloodwork done the day of his operation.  Blood typing is tricky when someone has gotten a lot of blood in the past.  I would be easy, I'm B+, just throw some at me and I'm good, but people who get a lot of blood can build up antigens and such. 

Hungry by now, we stopped by the cafeteria.  It is not as nice as Hermann downtown but it is certainly adequate.  They have plenty of drinks, cold sandwiches and salads, hot food, etc.  I got eggs, bacon, and sausage.  Ron got a tuna salad.  My aunt got some kind of breakfast flatbread thing. 

It was pretty good, if anything my sausage was a little bland, but that's OK.  I ate everything and took my pills. 

We came home and I took a nap.  Someone was playing a loud stereo outside around lunch time but I managed to sleep through it. 

I woke up a couple of hours later, utterly exhausted.  My take-away from Doc (who I was supposed to see on the 14th), is that I need to be getting enough sleep.  What do I do when I wake up exhausted? 

I don't know. 

I decided to clean Ron's carpet.  He spilled his urinal bottle while drunk and we had a horrific mess.  I vacuumed and then got out my old carpet cleaner, it's almost 20 years old.  I got it going and then made many passes over the stain, pulling up all kinds of yuck.  I wasn't happy with the appearance after the first time with the carpet cleaner, so I emptied out the waste water and filled it up again, making another run. 

I was a lot happier with how it looked after that.  I will have to wait for it to dry but it looks a lot better.  I was really working while I did that, hot and sweaty, but I got it done. 

It was awful in there.  Awful.  I didn't even want to step in it, wearing shoes.  I sure didn't want my cats in that. 

The last thing I need is them deciding it is OK to pee on the carpet. 

Ron wanted to watch the washer in action, considering what he paid it seemed a fair request.  I found a filthy towel (left over from the installation) and put it in there with a Tide POD and some bleach.  Bleach went into the appropriate dispenser.  We ran it on "Bulky" "Heavy soil" "Two rinses" and "Warm".  It came out looking spotless. 

I hear a lot of bad talk about the HE units, but so far it has done the job for me.  Things come out clean.  That towel was totally filthy.  The fact that it came out clean says a lot to me.  It's a hard working washer. 

Then we watched a movie "What Planet Are You From?"  It's a romantic comedy about an alien trying to find a woman to impregnate.  Ron watched it, and said it was really cute, I had to watch it, etc.  He was practically begging me.  So I watched it.  It wasn't bad. 

Now we're done with that, my towel (and washcloth) are in the dryer, and I have to go to bed.  Tomorrow will be a busy day. 

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Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

I am going tomwatch that this weekend thanks i was looking for a movie with nothing deep or stressful! Thought i would see if you had posted,
I pulled every bit of carpet out of my house forever, i have nice rugs i can clean easily where i want soft underfooting. But we have always had pets live in the land of mud...and i love sitting on the floor to do crafts and even watch tv and our carpet was digusting ..i cut squares out and just set it off with the garbage one can at a time..i did let some i wasnt worried would be " toxic" become garden mulch for weeds around flowers was wool with natural fiber and long gone now, but the synthetics sadly i sent to the dump. ...i feel your pain, i hate the smell of pee and wet are a woman with giant cajones and if anyone ever says differently they are WRONG! Also congrats on the new laundry set up! Serioisly i adore my machine, i use a decent detergent then add CHEAP generic cider vinegar in the bleach and softener spots both and my laundry is the cleanest, softest it has ever bern and the vinergar pulled double duty in keeping the washer from getting build up ...sorry i am full of tips this weel!
Congrats on the washer, i agree postoneing a week? I hope things stay peaceful and you get that quality sleep we all need it to heal from daily stress and right now? If i could pass you a share of mine i would? So unconditional cyber hugs as need ed.
Funny i feel i know you and do in a way ...but i have a friend leaving for Houston and had to think twice and saying " hey this friend i have i dont know is down there!" Lol...anyway instead of that i said " make sure you get a kolache i have it on expert advice they are a Houston treat!" You do you! And please give Ron our best hopes for the surgical success i feel you are going to have..hey if THEY postpone ? I would take it as the timing wasnt perfect and we all want the stars lined up perfectly for both of you with this surgery
Omg i wrote a book! My meds are on point now btw fingers crossed last change ( still need new glasses pardon typos) oooxxx

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