Saturday, September 3, 2016

One crutch at a time

I slept really badly last night.  I am just having a hard time dropping off and staying "under". 

But I'm under a lot of stress, so it's understandable.  That's what I tell myself.  I am pretty ruthless with my caffeine intake, keeping it between 200-300 mg a day (about one, 6 ounce, cup of coffee's worth).  Ron bought me a lot of caffeine free diet soda so I have been drinking that freely. 

Yes, I know aspartame is "bad".  Eventually, I will get around to cutting it out of my life.  For now, I'm cutting out one crutch at a time. 

Speaking of crutches, Ron and I are figuring out the best way to get him out of the house, in the wheelchair.  Or in.  He needs to lean forward to get out, and backward to get in.  If he does that, he shifts the center of gravity, making it easier for me to manipulate the chair over the big step. 

Of course, now that we have it mastered, he will have his operation and hopefully won't need the wheelchair anymore.  That would be great to have the wheelchair out in the garage for a change. 

[sigh]  Long day today.  I got up, hit the snooze button a few times.  It is so hard to get up when Torbie is in my bed.  I got up, took my shower, and got dressed in a performance t-shirt and my capris.  Steel toed sneakers.  I don't wear the shoes for the dress code at work, necessarily, but because Ron uses a wheelchair, is blind, and has a propensity for running over my toes! 

We went to the warehouse.  I got more soy protein for shakes for him.  I got all the drinks he wanted.  The Ozarka (bottled water) plant is back in operation, finally, after a tornado in April, I believe.  It was almost impossible to find for months.  I got 8 cases today, and put them up in the fridge for Ron. 

I got all the stuff he wanted, and some of mine.  My end of things (snacks, etc.) have been pretty slow, but canned and bottled sodas remain popular. 

Ron's boss called today and asked if we wanted the other vendor to take over the business until Ron got better.  Ron said no.  I say, hell no.  We operate very differently and my customers would be upset.  I think the other vendors would do a good job, but we carry specialty items they don't, and don't want to be bothered with, so it would be the same lineup throughout the entire building. 

Besides, I'm sure I can use the break.  Work takes my mind off my troubles and will help me focus on something beside Ron's progress. 

We got everything stocked, it looked good.  We left and came home.  I was exhausted, so I took a short (one hour) nap. 

I got up and did my God Time, then we went out to dinner.  We had a good time. 

When we got back I threw a load in the washer, it is working right now.  I hope to have it dry by tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is a "mostly" off day, just us going to Walmart and working on the monthly report.  I want to get that filed before too long, even though we have days left. 

I am glad Ron's surgery isn't happening around the end/start of the month because a lot of accounting functions happen then, and it would be more complicated.  I could absolutely do a profit and loss, but I don't know Ron's system, and his computer talks. 

That would be annoying. 


Anonymous said...

Will Ron be going into a rehab facility after the surgery?

Heather Knits said...

I have no idea, I assume not because he is a Medicare patient. I am assuming they will send him home as soon as he is stable.

Of course you know what they say about assumptions, make an ass out of u and me.

That said, Doc's staff was telling Ron some patients have gone back to work 3 days after the procedure. I suspect Ron will have an excellent recovery and my only big issue will be getting him to adhere to doctor's orders.

Ideally, he'll be able to get to the bathroom or commode chair on his own. Worst case, it'll come back.

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