Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"This is on my plate"

Well, I told Doc about the blackouts.  Doc asked me if there was "anything else" and I said "He is scaring me with the amount of blackouts he is having".  Ron laughed.  I didn't. 

Doc talked a little about drinking in general terms and asked me if I was "OK".  Yes, I told him, I just wanted him to know, I had a lot going between the (additional) caregiving and the blackouts.  Doc asked if I wanted anything tuned up and I said no, because I don't think it's going to solve the root problem of Ron = drinking.  I didn't say the last. 

So, at least I am on the record. 

Ron had a blackout last night.  I caught him with a pair of scissors in his hand, trying to pry up the edge of the sink.  When I asked him what he was trying to do he scoffed at me and mumbled.  He cut his hand on the scissors, which were covered in blood. 

What is it with Ron bleeding all the time lately? 

I told him I was going to bed and asked if he could "finish" tomorrow.  He scoffed at me but said OK. 

He went to bed.  Apparently, at some time last night he vomited all over his freshly changed bed.  No wonder Torbie sleeps with me.  I changed that later, after we got home. 

It's a good thing I keep a couple of backup sheets. 

I got him up, he still refused to bathe, so I "let" him.  If he wants to look bad in front of Doc and my aunt that's on him.  I don't think Doc would refer to him as "Very stable" though. 

We had a good ride to see Doc, with an interesting driver.  Ron wanted to take the walker, which proved to be a huge hassle for all concerned.  I'm pretty sure we scratched the wall in the hallway of Doc's office. 

I think Ron has learned his lesson about the walker.  He also forgot the wheelchair always provides good seating.  If there is no seating available he just has to sit on the walker, like a stool. 

We got to Doc's office about 20 minutes before the appointment.  There were some nice (friendly) looking people waiting in the waiting room.  You would think Doc would have a bunch of "crazy" freaks in the waiting room, but he doesn't.  Everyone is very polite and keeps to themselves.  Some bring their children, either because the child is the patient, or they don't have child care. 

Doc had a medical student sit in on the session, which was a little odd considering I was making my Big Confession about Ron having a Drinking Problem.  We covered symptoms and I said I still had manias and depressions, but they were livable.  True. 

It used to be a lot worse.  I said I took everything as directed and by the way, needed a refill.  Doc asked about my last blood test and decided not to do a new one.  It hasn't been a year, yet. 

Then I told him about Ron, he was a little taken aback, probably because Ron was so humorous about it "Oh, yeah, I have some bad ones.".  I think he wanted to know if I was asking for help.  I wasn't.  I just wanted him to know "This is on my plate, in addition to the more obvious caregiving".  And that's pretty much what I told him when he asked for clarification.  I'm sure they (he and the student) had a discussion about it once I left... well, we left. 

I took Ron out and set up my next appointment. 

I don't think Doc is going to go for 6 month intervals while I have all this going, and he probably shouldn't. 

So, it was 3 months. 

We left and waited on my aunt, who got stuck in traffic.  I sent up a little prayer for whoever was involved and their family.  That is a horrible notification to get. 

She arrived and I got Ron in the car (tough, with the walker) and stuffed the walker in the trunk (tough).  We went out to eat.  The waiter was doing the work of 3 people and not very attentive at first, but he became much better when some other staff showed up. 

I decided not to hold that against him and gave my usual tip. 

My aunt took us home, saving us probably at least an hour transit time.  We got in and I took a nap for a couple hours. 

I woke up pretty depressed but who wouldn't be?  I'm married to a blind alcoholic, in a wheelchair, who is in agonizing pain and needs extensive spinal surgery.  That's a pretty big freaking deal. 

I fixed up the litter boxes and will be washing my sheets.  I started my period today (not on my new sheets), so I am going to use the "old" sheet until I am done.  I would hate to spot up my pretty new sheets, and I slept just fine on the old one.  I just need to run the load. 

I thought the blood stained sheet had gotten clean (from Ron's blackout where he fell off the walker and hit his head), I looked when I took it out of the wash, but it is still stained.  My aunt made the point we can still use it for Ron, it's not like I have guests going to sleep on the sheet. 

So, when I got home, I put it on the bed.  Ron isn't exactly getting the 5 star linen treatment but he is very hard on his bedding. 

Ron has been very happy with his wheelchair.  I will put up a link. 

God, I hope you don't need it.

He likes everything about it and even fell asleep in it for a while last night.  It has a seatbelt if you are worried about the patient wobbling, or falling out. 

That's it for now, off to do some housework. 

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Anonymous said...

nice chair ..and I am so glad you told the doctor. you are right it is on record and he knows..I think the fact he does not have a bunch of wild folks speaks volumes for his care of his patients.
it is good when medical students can sit in I never mind at all.

Oh Heather you take good are of yourself , I so hope you can get out for a day off soon

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