Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"I'm voting for Biscuit"

My Day started at 4 and didn't wrap up until after 2. 

I got up, took my shower, etc.  I got Ron ready to go to: Walmart.  I wanted to buy some jeans today.  The ones I have are uncomfortably tight and I wanted something I could squat, bend over, or breathe while wearing. 

We got there and I left Ron at the door.  Our driver told us the store had called the transit company and demanded people be loaded only at one door, and in front of the door at that.  Oh-kay.  It's the only store making these demands but it does get a lot of paratransit traffic. 

The store is near a couple of senior-living apartment complexes.  It is not uncommon to see a senior on one of those little motorized scooters trying to cross the very busy street near the store. 

I went to the jewelry department.  It was closed but I wanted to see if they still had titanium rings.  They do not.  Well, that answered one question. 

Next stop, jeans.  I will be sitting in an air conditioned room for days on end, listening to people drone on about the most boring things imaginable.  It astounds me how they can take something so simple, and interesting, vending - and turn it into a "make it stop" litany of boredom. 

Anyway, I want to look cute while I'm at it.  I would love to say my old jeans fit great but they're a little tight.  So, I needed new ones.  I'm not going to torture myself, and people looking at me, with tight jeans while I "try" to get my weight down.  I need to cut out the snacking, that's all.  When I do that I'm fine.  I live an active life and should be able to consume a fair amount of calories. 

Which reminds me, I should get my dinner going. 

Got that going. 

So, I looked for jeans.  I wanted black.  I wanted bootcut.  I wanted something that fit properly.  I found a pair of straight legs that would work, and then found a pair of bootcut for $13.  Both in black.  I was very happy.  I guess that's my birthday present from Walmart. 

I did my other shopping after that, browsed the Halloween candy, stuff like that.  I had left Ron by the bathroom.  He insisted he wanted to wait there even though he never usually does. 

I don't know if he used it or not. 

Ron complained all day about his foot bothering him, he was having "zaps" from neuropathy.  I told him it was probably related to the blackout and he agreed. 

He really thinks I can phone him, if he is having a blackout, and he will "straighten up".  I don't know how to tell him that just isn't true, that blackout Ron is a subhuman creature, incapable of speech, throwing cell phones on the floor with abandon. 

I didn't get into that with him.  I am hopefully learning to pick my battles, and arguing with him would be pointless.  I just said "Normally you're away from the phone" and left it at that. 

We got picked up to go home.  The driver didn't want to secure the wheelchair, I had to ask him to do it.  I understand not liking parts of your job but this is someone's mobility, if they can't use their mobility device they can't even get to the bathroom. 

And no one wants that. 

Yes, I am overprotective of Ron. 

Anyway, we had another pickup, in a "different area".  I had never been there and I was curious.  I noted two facts, one, it was near an extremely busy street, and would be terrible for cats.  I always look at apartments and ask "Could I live there?" 

She came out and opened Ron's door, stared at him for a minute, and went around to the other side.  She got in, complaining.  The next 20 minutes were some of the worst negativity I had heard in a long time.  The woman was awful.  She didn't have one positive or even neutral thing to say. 

Ron was begging her to stop.  She demanded to know who I was voting for in the election.  I'm white, which probably means Trump (to some), but I'm a woman, so that probably means Hilary (to some). 

I told her I didn't talk politics.  She kept pressing the issue.  Ron snickered because he knew what was coming. 

"I'm voting for my cat, Biscuit".  I could literally feel her gaping at me. 

"He's not on the ballot!" She insisted. 

"I'll write him in, then."  I smiled.  She got it. 

Ron finally persuaded her to stop and then she demanded the driver turn the radio up very loud.   She was very restless. 

"I wonder" I mused when we got home "If she knows she's bipolar".  She was clearly (to me) having a mixed episode (manic and depressed at the same time).  Depressed = negative talk.  Manic = couldn't shut up.  It is more complicated than that but that's the gist of it. 

Once you have your glasses, you can see, and it is pretty easy for a bipolar person to spot another person with the illness. 

I put my stuff away (not much, mainly just the jeans), and I have lost my receipt.  Let's hope the jeans don't fall apart in the wash. 

I do feel a little bad about the jeans because I know $13 stretch jeans in a plus size can only be manufactured in unethical conditions.  They probably don't use child labor, but I doubt the garment factory is a fun place to work.  However, I don't plan on wearing them for long (losing weight) so why buy something more expensive?  And how do I know ANYONE is running a fair-trade garment factory? 

Anyway, I changed my footwear, got my work keys and badge, and got Ron ready as well.  We left. 

We had a straight ride to work.  I noticed, while working, I didn't actually need a tremendous amount of time to do my work.  It was Ron.  I tried to help him as much as possible, demonstrating "Yes, I can do this" to my satisfaction. 

Ron still insists he can hold out until after Christmas. 

I finished it all up, even cleaned the coffee machine (ick), and helped Ron with the bottled vendor. 

He left before I did.  For some reason he didn't understand me when I said I was putting the carts away, and of course the stupid things wouldn't line up properly.  But I got them. 

I ran out, met Ron near the door, and we left. 

Ron called dispatch about our ride, only to be told we would have to wait a half hour.  In the hot sun.  I worried the brightness would trigger a migraine tomorrow. 

Happily, she showed up in a few minutes "I drive through my lunch".  I hope she doesn't burn out! 

We had a good ride home.  I went inside and took a short nap. 

I was so tired I even slept through Ron calling in the Dr Pepper order for Friday morning (yup, another 2 AM wakeup, on our anniversary no less).  The cats joined me. 

I slept in one position so long my knee went numb, but it resolved when I got up. 

Biscuit wanted his dinner right away but it was only 4 PM.  I was stern and told him no, but I fed him around 6. 

When I finish, I'm going to eat my dinner, take my pills (headaches all day today), and maybe look up titanium or tungsten rings online.  I am in the market, so to speak. 

I still have a little cash in my online account so I can get something if it strikes my fancy.  I just want a cute ring that says "I'm married", one I can wear at work, that I can pull off easily. 

I'm sure I'll find something. 


Anonymous said...

Heather I wanted to wish you HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! I hope you find your ring and whatever else you do tomorrow you celebrate you go eat some cake or have a kolache do a dollar store haul something fun ..I know your finances are pressed
I truly hope Ron has this surgery! I believe in my heart it coudl change your lives for the better..I remember last year he tanked before your birthday ..they admit defeat before they even try dont they ...I look forward to your videos and photos again someday I think you are amazing in your advice and strength

Anonymous said...


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