Friday, September 9, 2016

"My eye fell out"

Well, Ron got his wish.  I "proved" my worth today. 

We had a very early wakeup, and pickup, to go to work. 

Now, before we go any further, you need to know Ron has prosthetic eyes.  He had one "natural" eye removed at birth (it was apparently pretty gruesome, and the reason his parents don't have any baby photos), and the other eye shrank due to the glaucoma. 

He has "caps" basically to cover the area, and he takes care of them on his own. 

Anyway, we're on the way to work today.  We have another client onboard, he actually works for the other vendor.  We hooked him up with the paratransit service. 

It's dark, because the driver has turned off the overhead lights.  All of a sudden I hear a clatter and Ron yelps. 



"My eye fell out, can you get it?" 

Ah, Driver?  Can you pull over and turn on the lights?  Of course, ma'am. 

She does. 

I found the eye immediately.  The floor is blue, the eye (at least the back of it, it was face down) was white. 

I gave it to Ron without looking at his face.  I really never want to have the image of Ron, eyeless, in my head.  [shudder] 

He thanked me and I made sure not to look at him for the insertion process. 

"What do you do for me?" 

Can you imagine the scene if this had happened without me?  The driver would have had to stop, find the eye, touch it, and give it back to Ron.  She probably would have stopped and called for a supervisor. 

Everyone would have talked about it. 

As it was, I made it pretty simple. 

We got to work, I got him in there, stocked, got our delivery, serviced everything, and even stocked the bottled vendor while he ran change (sorted it into quarters only, etc.).

I was pretty tired when we finished.  I had not slept well last night. 

We left, I came home, I got a nap.  I needed it.  I slept with Torbie, who is always up for a sleep.  She's such a nice cat.  But she is a bed hog.  I really need a king bed. 

I got up and did my God Time.  Then I considered getting something delivered.  About that time Ron, in a panic, realized he had forgotten to mail our royalty check to the program.  That is bad. 

We called our driver and had him get us.  We went out to dinner and then to work.  I mailed the check - since it is a postal processing plant it will still go out tomorrow. 

We came home.  Now I plan to look at some wedding rings on Amazon.  I want something cute and titanium.  A lot of the rings are "titanium stainless steel" which is basically a dinner fork wrapped around your finger - it's just stainless steel. 

I want titanium. 

Happily, the real deal is not that expensive. 


Anonymous said...

omg you make me want to laugh cry and hurl all at ths same time LOLOL! if you could draw a cartoon that would be hysterial ..not in the looking down at anyone just the literaly irony of it all

much love Heahter you need a rest badly like 48 hours of brain rest body rest and soul rest you are working for 3 people again you know and with no break you did this when he had his bleed you do you matter what please take care of yourself and fortify OOOXXX

Heather Knits said...

Even though I'm not sleeping great at night, I am making it a priority to get some kind of nap every day. ((((Hugs))))

Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

My dear sadly now? We walk a similar path of emotional neglect and abuse, my moral compass says stay and support him while he helps himself. But they are so much work big hugs back, deep breath and ever forward dear girl..but we need our own joy daily

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