Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What will I do?

What if Ron breaks his neck one night during one of his blackouts? 

What will I do? 

Well, I've given it some thought. 

I have a pretty broad spectrum of job skills, and I can live cheaper than you because I take the bus instead of driving. 

I have worked in food service, retail, home health care, vending, accounting, general office work, etc.  I am certain God would lead me to the right job.  Worst case I would hook up with a home health agency or a temp agency. 

It would be nice to help a nice older lady with a couple of cats, or an older man with a small, friendly, dog.  Something like that. 

Or help run a restaurant, God knows it is very hard to find efficient and dependable help. 

You get the idea.  The other vendor is short an employee, he might very well take me. 

Don't worry about employment for me.  I'll be OK. 

We have insurance that will supposedly pay off the house if Ron dies, so there's that.  He doesn't have any other insurance.

Now, if I die I have a pretty decent life insurance, which Ron will need.  Ron, in my opinion, would be a lot more screwed if I died. 

He's just my boss, and husband.  I am his caregiver, wife, and employee.  No business, no caregiver, and no wife would have Ron in a very bad place. 

Sadly, that might be the "rock bottom" Dad talks about.  Not that I plan on dying any time soon, but you never know. 

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