Friday, September 30, 2016


I am worried I will burn myself out before Ron's surgery, rushing around, trying to prepare for everything. 

I did do some work today (after sleeping in until 8 AM).  I did two loads of laundry, cleaned the washer (still getting used to these "new" HE gadgets), swept the floor, debated mopping the floor, didn't, made the bed, washed the sheets (one of my loads), and watched a little TV. 

Of course, first of all I did my God Time and shower.  I didn't need to shave my legs. 

I watched some Supernatural.  TNT is running the first season.  It is interesting to note the differences in the shooting style from the Season 10.  Season 10 has more lavish sets, they don't try to hide the height difference between Sam and Dean, and the colors are brighter.  That may be putting it in HD, I don't know. 

Yesterday, I bought a generic assorted variety pack of one-ounce chips at the store.  I had a bag of the Ranch.  It was pretty good, but I shouldn't have drunk my sugarfree Orange beverage with it.  I got pretty bad nausea.  I forget my medications can cause stomach upset. 

I drank a fair amount of generic Pepto.  I had just bought some, knowing I get nausea when I am really stressed out (and Ron's surgery coming up).  I took off the wrapper and looked at it.  The water had separated out from the medicine, and it had a 2018 sell by date.  I was pretty disgusted.  It looked nauseating.  I shook it for a long time and finally got it back in solution.  It reminded me of my old chemistry classes about solutions, colloids and all.  I took a drink.  It was watery, still.  They must have reformulated.  It was horrible, but I drank it because I needed it. 

I had a couple of doses and took a nap.  I slept a while, but not very deep.  One of the cats brought a lizard in through the cat door, meowing proudly.  #6 was making noise, I think it was grocery day.  I kept hearing slamming car doors. 

It made me glad I don't work nights, because a lot of people fail to understand that some of us need to sleep during the day. 

I woke up feeling less exhausted than usual, so there's that. 

I did some of my housework.  Now I've ordered a pizza. 

I wanted to balance productivity vs. rest today and I think I did a pretty good job. 

I just hope I sleep well tonight, tomorrow's going to be a busy one. 


Anonymous said...

you are so smart to pace yourself and keeping mind of your need for sleep food and pills..I ihope you go home and sleep well during the time you can while he is in the hospital your dr and ask about a safe sedative so you do not spin at night maybe? is that possible? much love to you dear gilr I wish a speedy end to this for you and a great result for Ron aftewards both need some good times for a whle that is for sure.

Heather Knits said...

Thank you! Doc has a great hatred of antianxiety, and sleeping pills.

I have an exercise bike. If I get in a good workout early in the day I should sleep OK at night.

I also plan to be STRINGENT on my caffeine intake. Last time (after the accident) I just drank soda whenever, stayed up for days, and collapsed into bed. I took Sudafed (the old kind that made you jittery), diet pills, and Mountain Dew to stay awake. I did EVERYTHING wrong.

I want to be smarter this time. :)

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