Saturday, September 17, 2016

Can you imagine?

I had to get up at 4 AM today. 

It was a long day.  I used my new shampoo, the one that promised soft and lustrous hair.  I never got a chance to see how it worked. 

I don't dry my hair, I've always let it air dry.  I know some consider it "inappropriate" for a woman to walk around with wet hair, but I don't. 

We went to the warehouse, I got 30 cases of drinks and snack items.  Ron was impressed I managed to fit so many snacks in with his merchandise. 

I had help loading the truck, but I had to unload it basically by myself (Ron climbs in the truck bed and shoves items in my direction).  It was hot, miserably humid, and sunny, with a relative temperature of 100 degrees (F).  I was sweating profusely. 

My hair had almost dried, but became soaked with sweat as I worked.  See why I don't worry too much? 

So, I don't know how the shampoo worked.  I will have to wait for tomorrow. 

I got everything in the building (almost as much work as unloading, let me tell you).  My work was impeded by one trainee. 

See, we are "it" for the Houston area.  If you have something Postal related, it all comes out of "my" plant.  Training classes are held frequently. 

We had one today, which was fine, more customers for the vending machines.  However, one woman kept standing directly in front of the door I had to use.  I had to keep asking her to move.  I know she saw me.  I don't know what she wanted, but she did at least get out of the way, after making a little comment each time.  [rolleyes]

That's not as bad as the time I was bringing in a cartload of snacks.  One manager was standing off to the side, with his lackeys.  I had to pass him.  As I did, he reached out, took a case of honey buns, and said "They're free, right?" 

I stopped and looked at him.  He grinned again and said "I can keep them cause they're free, right?" 

"No" I told him "I have to sell them."  He kept holding them. 

One of the lackeys finally whispered to him and he returned them to my cart. 

I don't know why people think crap like that is "funny".  It's not. 

Next time I will say, "You can have them for $12" (12 honey buns x $1 each, my retail price).

Anyway, little Miss I-don't-want-to-move wasn't half as bad as that guy. 

Ron insisted on putting the water away by himself, so I let him.  I focused on doing snacks, which took a while.  I did food.  I didn't do coffee but I am sure it is OK. 

In addition to doing my own work, I am always "on call" for Ron to verify sodas, help him get things, push him in the wheelchair, etc.  Helping him alone is a full time job. 

Ron and I agreed to have a day where we come in and he doesn't work, just to see how hard it would be for me to accomplish.  How long, rather.  Am I exhausted afterward?  Is he going to work me to death?  That sort of thing. 

That would be useful to know before the surgery. 

We finally wrapped it up and left.  We could run by a fast food place and get some takeout, because Ron had called our driver to take us home. 

Now, on the very rare occasion, if we have a driver who really likes us, and they have time, they might run through a drive through for us.  But it's uncommon and could get the driver in trouble. 

This way we didn't have a problem.  Ron just stayed in the truck rather than transfer to the wheelchair again.  I didn't mind.  His wheelchair weighs 38 pounds, and at best, is awkward to maneuver. 

At least I'm not covered in bruises like I was with the other chair.  That was brutal. 

Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful I live in a country where Ron can have a work wheelchair (no arms), a home wheelchair, and the bathroom wheelchair.  I'm glad I live in a place where we could afford all that, too. 

I try to never take my life for granted.  We got home and I took my meds (! grateful for them too), ate, and took my nap.  I was pretty exhausted. 

Torbie joined me.  I did have a problem, one of my "neighbors" was playing loud music for a couple of hours.  Had it gone on longer, I would have taken Ron for a "walk" in the wheelchair and found them out, so Ron could call the police to ask them to turn it down. 

I don't feel bad about that.  We have probably tens of thousands of subdivisions in Houston.  This is a "quiet" subdivision, but if you want a "fun party" one you can find it.  It won't be as nice, or as safe, but you can play your loud radio along with everyone else, and make noise late at night.  It is, I think, the height of rudeness to move to a nice quiet place because you like it, but then crap all over it with loud music and parties because you "want to have fun".  What about your neighbors? 

Leaving home early on delivery days, I have seen one neighbor leave for work every day, faithfully, at 3:30 AM.  The other ones follow suit shortly afterward.  We all go to bed early and get up early.  We're all, pretty much, on the same schedule. 

That won't stop #6 with the birthday parties, although they did have one this spring, during the day, like the "normal" birthday parties of my youth.  The late-night birthday parties get very old and are just an excuse for adults to get drunk and party.  The kids get so bored they actually throw the soccer ball on the roof of the house, and for a while, they were doing that with my house as well. 

We may have one party next week, definitely two in October, and at least one in November.  Then the Christmas party.  If I knew he was having it, I would probably stay in a cheap (non bedbug) hotel.  That one's the worst. 

It's funny, because I have plenty other "Mexican" neighbors, yet no one else chooses to "celebrate" like #6. 

Anyway, the noise woke me up so I had to get up, I did, watched a little Tv, did a little cleaning, etc.  I fed Biscuit and cleaned the litter box (in that order), washed my hands, etc. 

I called Mom and Dad (adoptive Mom) but they are at a football game so I'll catch them later.  I told her about the new wheelchair and she was happy to hear Ron can get in the bathroom, easily, now. 

However, if I need to use the chair to get into the bathroom (I didn't tell her this), I will need to lose some weight.  My hips won't fit into the wheelchair right now, and I tried. 

It's a good thing I didn't get stuck!  Can you imagine? 

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Anonymous said...

I dry my hair naturally too, hot air dryers are hard on hair.
Most days, I pick and choose my tasks or they are chosen for me, but time out for hair setting is a luxury not a necessity.
I think that anyone grabbing merchandise off your cart is stealing, even if it's in front of you... he obviously doesn't appreciate the hard work you go to to stock supplies in vending for his convenience to purchase.
We hear you on noisy neighbors moving into a quiet neighborhood...we let them know other people need to sleep and have work to do too. Some people need more reminders than others.
Praying for you to have a great week....God loves his children, and He is preparing you for special service in His name.

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